10 Thoughts You Have Watching "Clarissa Explains It All" As An Adult

I have two words for you: Clarissa Darling. Could there be a cooler girl to represent our generation as the quintessential '90s girl? I think not. Our culture is incredibly nostalgia-friendly and our favorite '90s trends are coming back: even the TV shows. The Splat, Nickelodeon's nostalgic programming block, is finally allowing us to rewatch our '90s television favorites and we are learning so much in round two.

As we re-visit the shows of our youth, we're likely to notice things we missed as a kid. Clarissa Explains It All is basically a whole new show for me this time around because there's so much in the show that I missed the first time. If you're anything at all like me, I would bet your experience would be similar as you are visited by some of these thoughts you have watching Clarissa Explains It All as an adult.

Looking back, it's incredible how mature and wise Clarissa was while still being relatable and believable as a child. With The Splat's debut, you're bound to have more Clarissa Explains It All back in your life again and you will be shocked at the things you never noticed in round one.

1. "Omg, her dad is the neighbor dad from Jingle All The Way!"

Or perhaps this was more of a niche movie that I realized and this is not a thought that many of you had.

2. "Why were her parents so chill about a boy climbing into her window all the time?"

I didn't even have the most conservative parents and I still know this would not have gone over well with my dad.

3. "Would a teenage girl in the '90s really known how to program computer games?"

I mean, let's be real. No one in the '90s really knew how to program anything.

4. "Is it just me, or does this whole family seem like a bunch of total stoners?"

Every single person in this show minus Ferguson was rollin' j's in the bathroom all the time.

5. "Clarissa was cooler at 13 than I am at this very moment."

But seriously. I'm still getting at least 10% of my fashion inspiration from her to this very day.

6. "If a kid did this today and started a YouTube channel, they would be that super weird kid at school who's too into their vlog."

Vlogging, like acting and magic, is a lame activity... unless you're super good at it.

7. "Clarissa taught me about breaking the 4th wall."

Pretty sure Clarissa basically invented the 4th wall. All you popular mockumentaries have Clarissa to thank.

8. "Mrs. Darling's high-waisted shorts are to die for."

My signature style is '90s soccer mom chic so Mrs. Darling's outfits are the epitome of my #fashiongoals.

9. "Clarissa and Ferguson are like tiny adults."

They are so self-actualized and mature. And they were both geniuses.

10. "The Darlings are total hipsters."

They were into organic before organic was cool. So ahead of the times.

Images: Nickelodeon; Giphy (10)