These 5 Weird Chipotle Interview Questions Show That The Haven For Burrito Lovers Is No Ordinary Place

Have you ever wondered what it takes to work at Chipotle? Well, the beloved Mexican grill known to all of us as burrito heaven went on a hiring spree in early September — and according to Business Insider, Chipotle's interview questions are pretty weird. I would argue that the unexpected nature of these interview questions proves to us yet again that Chipotle is no ordinary burrito chain — but maybe you'd better take a look at them for yourselves. Maybe you'll come to a different conclusion.

Business Insider reported in September that, after announcing 27 percent growth in sales over the last year, Chipotle had approved each one of its locations to hire 4,000 new employees during the chain's National Career Day on Sept. 9. According to Chipotle spokeswoman Danielle Winslow, the company looks for a very specific set of 13 qualities in their prospective employees: Those wishing to put their professional hours into the burrito chain must be conscientious, smart, polite, motivated, ambitious, curious, honest, respectful, hospitable, high-energy, infectiously enthusiastic, happy, and presentable. That pretty much describes the characteristics I start out with at every new job I have before I unravel into a grumpy, rude, and generally exhausted employee... but maybe that's just me.

In any event, though, this "sick-of-retail-and-food-service" phenomena may not take hold so aggressively at Chipotle, because the company actually has some fantastic practices to ensure their employees are well taken care of both at work and at home. Paid sick days, free tuition, and higher-than-minimum wage pay all contribute to a much better work environment — and much happier employees.

It's totally understandable to want these perks — so what exactly do you have to do to land a position that will get you them? That's where Business Insider's latest video comes in. It details a whole bunch of somewhat unusual questions that you might get asked during a Chipotle job interview. Check out a few of my favorites below, and head on over to Business Insider to watch the full video.

1. What Color Is Your Brain?


All the colors!

2. Why Shouldn't We Hire You?


Because sometimes, I'm too perfect? Because I can be too punctual and too good at my job?

3. Do You Like to Party?


Yes, because I'm social and personable, but also not too much, because I like showing up to work on time! Right? Right, guys? Is that the right answer?

4. Do You Know What "Food With Integrity" Means?


A proud cow?

5. What Does Your Diet Consist Of?


Honestly, though? Mostly Chipotle.

To see more unusual questions, check out the full video here.

Images: Chipotle/Facebook; Giphy (5)