16 Pieces Of 'Harry Potter' Art For Your Apartment

Some people think that getting their own apartment is a milestone for adulthood, or some material representation of your independence, or some psychological blah like that. But those of us who had our eyes on the prize know that it was all about getting baller Harry Potter art to decorate your apartment. I mean, I love my parents and all, but their unwillingness to put life-size Hermione Granger cutouts in the living room was seriously cramping my 15-year-old self's style. (OK, to be fair, I never asked. I'm a Hufflepuff! I don't rock the boat!)

But listen up, grownup Potterheads: now that we are old enough to decorate our own cribs, there is no excuse for why they shouldn't be dripping in Potter swag. I'm talking art prints on the wall, fancy clocks that actually tick like it's the freaking '90s all over again, nerd-core sculptures in the foyer. Yeah, that's right, I said foyer. Because I'm an adult, and that's a word I know now. COME AT ME, REAL WORLD. For all of you who are ready to get on my level, I've gone ahead and combed the internet for the kind of Potter-spo that will make you the classiest Muggle on the block. Brace your dorky selves:

1. Golden Trio Print

I read through their whole bodies just now and cried when I got to their shoes. CRIED.

$6, Etsy.

2. Personalized Couple's Portrait


$42, Etsy.

3. A Gentle Reminder For The Kitchen


$6.35, Etsy.

4. The Ultimate Morning Spell

And Accio bacon while we're at it.

$5, Etsy.

5. Felix Felicis Prop Decor

For when you and your houseguest are up all night to get ~lucky~.

$23.11, Etsy.

6. Four Mini Bust Sculptures

Perfect for the drawing room you can totally afford.

19.99, Etsy.

7. Vinyl Harry Vs. Voldemort Clock

It's Cut A B*tch O'Clock, y'all.

$33.24, Etsy.

8. Hogwarts Watercolor

If you think you can walk past this without crying about Hedwig 16 times a day.

$4.50, Etsy.

9. Harry Potter Wall Decals

You dreams might not fully come true, but they can be two dimensionally true.

$16+, Etsy.

10. "Always" Silhouette

Emotionally devastate your houseguests in two seconds or less!

$45, Etsy.

11. Inspirational Dobby Art

Since all your friends are always at your place, aka, the coolest place a Potterhead can be.

$11.50, Etsy.

12. The Four Houses In Watercolor

Step aside, cheesy doormats. There's a much chicer way to let everyone know they're welcome here.

$18.19+, Etsy.

13. The Plainest Truth There Ever Was

Put this in any room. Put this in ALL the rooms. MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE.

$7, Etsy.

14. The Fab 8

If you think Taylor Swift invented Squad Goals, think again.

$10, Etsy.

15. Alohomora Key Holder

This is too clever for my brain to handle. I love it. I need it. The end.

$30, Etsy.

16. The Ultimate Wisdom Of Ron Weasley


$4, Etsy.

Images: Etsy