Woman's BFF Turned Her Apartment Into Hogwarts

Uncovered from the depths of Reddit, here is one awesome human's plan to make sure her best friend never, ever forgets her 28th birthday. Katie (aka, SoButtons on Reddit) came home on Tuesday to discover her apartment had been remodeled to look like Hogwarts. Everywhere she turned, there was something Harry Potter-themed. This, clearly, is every Harry Potter fan's greatest dream come true short of actually getting an acceptance letter to Hogwarts itself.

This was an especially sweet and thoughtful thing to do since Katie's own husband apparently kind of sucks at remembering birthdays. In a thread mentioning a forgetful spouse, Katie wrote, "I understand. My husband has done this 3 times. Reminders don't help in my case. He doesn't care about birthdays in general and says he never knows what day it is anyway. Happy birthday by the way!"

Well, that's what amazing friends are for: Honoring birthdays and making sure they're fun and memorable. I hope her husband feels like a total failure (JK, I don't really care, but honestly, remember your partners birthday, OK? It's not that hard), because there is no way he will ever one-up this magical surprise. From taping a picture of Moaning Myrtle to the toilet, to stringing Hogwarts acceptance letters from the ceiling, to creating a prison cell from Azkaban, Katie's BFF totally nailed this gag in legendary proportions.

Images: SoButtons/Reddit