What Is The Taylor Swift Curse? Let's Just Say MLB Fans Aren't Loving The Star's '1989' Tour

If it's a year Taylor Swift is on tour, it's also a bad year to be a pro baseball player. There's something called the Taylor Swift curse going around, and guys, it's bad. Apparently, as Swift hits various baseball stadiums on her 1989 tour, the teams that usually play those stadiums suffer from major losing streaks in the weeks afterwards. And as a fan of both baseball — well, when I get to go to the games and drink beer and eat funnel cake, anyway — and Taylor Swift, I can't believe I didn't realize the connection until now. So what's the deal with the curse?

As originally discovered by ESPN, three different teams have suffered losses since Swift has played there, and this sucks a lot since now that pumpkin spice latte season is here, baseball season is quickly coming to a close. Huge disappointments for the Washington Nationals, the Houston Astros, and the San Diego Padres are not the best way to end a season. And really, isn't this kind of surprising since you'd assume Swift would naturally leave nothing but sunshine, glitter, and a trail of stray cats behind her everywhere she goes?

And in case you're not convinced that this is real, the stats are there to prove it. After Swift sung her heart out at Minute Maid Park last month, the Astros lost seven games. That's pretty serious business, especially since their season wasn't going poorly before Swift rolled in with her confetti and sparkly outfits. And I'd be willing to believe this was a coincidence... if the same thing didn't happen in two other cities. It gets worse: in July, the lights went out during a game at the Nationals' stadium in Washington the same week Swift was there, and then they lost a bunch of games, too. Yikes.

Swift has yet to comment on her curse (probably because she's, you know, touring all over the world), but I have a feeling that when she catches wind of what's going on, she's going to feel pretty badly about it. And I feel badly for her. Do you really want to be the person angry baseball fans start blaming for their teams losing? It doesn't sound like a fun position to be in.

I've been to the 1989 tour and I'm planning on going again, so personally, I think Swift's performances are totally worth a few baseball games lost. I have a feeling the people who care about their teams making it to the post-season would disagree with me, but I'm totally willing to make the trade.

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