9 GIFs of Hayes Grier's Best Dance Moves That Will Make You Root For Him On 'Dancing With The Stars'

In case you're not a Dancing With the Stars fan or a teen with an affinity for Vine stars, maybe you haven't noticed that Hayes Grier is straight killin' it on DWTS this season. The 15-year-old Vine sensation is, without question, a fan favorite on Season 21, charming all of America with his piercing blue eyes, boy-next-door good looks, and, of course, his smooth moves on the dance floor with professional partner Emma Slater. (There's a reason they're called #TeamSlayes). Whether you're new to the Grier charm or are frantically and manically voting for him every week, there's no doubt in my mind that these GIFs of Hayes Grier's best dance moves will make your Monday that much better.

Though Grier prefers to bust out the T-Rex every once in awhile (see below), there's no doubt that the kid has honed his dance skills and improved week after week (thanks, in part, to his patient and incredibly talented partner). As evidenced by the varied dances the celebs are required to perform every week, Grier has moves in all different types of dance, though it's obvious that he really excels at the quickstep. And while 15-year-old me was doing things like staying after school to get extra help on math homework, 15-year-old Grier is instead doing things like busting out all kinds of crazy dance moves on national television every week. And sometimes, he even wears a Ninja Turtles costume while doing it.

When He Went From Doing Dance Moves Like This...

...To Owning Things With This

When He Did A Backflip Dressed As A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

And When He Did This Badass Kick

When He Foxtrotted Straight Into The Hearts of America

And Was Like, "Here I Am, Murrica"

Once, His Moves Were So On Point The Camera Just Panned To His Feet

Fancy Footwork, Right There

And, Lastly, When He & Emma Passed Out From Their Own Brilliance

Go, Team Slayes!

Images: ABC via YouTube (9)