When To Buy Snow Boots For Winter

There is no worse time of year to get your feet wet than winter. Regardless of how warm your socks are, nothing is going to help you once snow has invaded them. That's when sturdy shoes become your bestie, so knowing when to buy snow boots is so important. I've never met a person who loves the squishy feeling of their wet toes sticking to their shoes, and I'm pretty sure that's the case for everyone. So basically if you're in a snowy winter climate, you're probably going to want to look into investing in a pair for this coming winter season or be forced to sludge throw the snowy mess in your poor leather riding boots.

There are many climates in the United States that don't require the purchase of snow boots. Down here in Georgia, they're all but impossible to find. However, if you're facing a northeastern winter, the likelihood of you requiring them rises exponentially. Despite some people's assertions that snow boots just aren't chic, Manolo Blahnik himself has confessed to loving the shoes, and the fact is that there are adorable boots out there that are perfect for whatever your style is. So the big question still remains though, when should you purchase snow boots?

If Snow Is A Near Constant In Your City

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Truth is that if you're living in a city that has snow five times during the winter months, snow boots aren't going to be the greatest investment. However, if you're one of the lucky cities who faces insane snow each year — like NYC who ran out of snow boots last year — it's time to consider an investment.

If Snow Shoveling Basically Qualifies As A Hobby

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Back in 2011, a study done by the Center for Injury Research and Policy found that 11,500 kids and adults receive an injury from shoveling snow. Want to know one of the ways recommended to stay safe according to Science Daily? They say, "Remember to wear warm clothing, including a hat, gloves and slip-resistant, high-traction footwear."

If You're Super Active In TheWinter

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If you like to keep your activity levels high — even in the dead of winter — snow hiking boots are an excellent call. They'll keep your feet insanely warm and prevent you from slipping while getting in a dose of Mother Nature.

If Wet and Muddy Winter Conditions Are Common For You


Just because snow isn't on the ground, that doesn't mean you still don't need snow boots. Their high traction bottoms also help prevent you from falling when freezing rain hits the streets.

If You're An Urban City Dweller


Here's the thing about cities and snow: Snow often becomes slush that in turn just shoveled onto sidewalks and against streets. Basically, this means that cold, semi-frozen slush is totally normal so water proof snow boots are a good call.

If You Actually Really Like Snow Boots

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Maybe you just really like snow boots, and if so, go snow boot buying crazy because comfort and warmth never go out of style.

If Your Last Pair Of Snow Boots Kicked The Bucket

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If your previous boots became so worn out that a new pair is required then you can bet you're going to need new ones for this season.