A Sexy Pizza Rat Halloween Costume Exists

Struggling to come up with a Halloween costume this year that's both culturally relevant and ~sexy~? I hear you — and so does online retailer Yandy, who just introduced this sexy Pizza Rat Halloween costume to its extensive lineup of outfits so sexy they border on the ridiculous (see this sexy lobster costume for reference). It makes sense, really. Nothing is sexier than pizza (fact), and as Karen Smith taught us in Mean Girls, a pair of mouse ears can really only enhance your Halloween costume-wearing experience (Seth Mosakowski thinks so, too.)

Of course, it's no surprise that the Internet's breakout star/my personal hero would be a popular Halloween costume this year. After Pizza Rat stole Twitter's heart with its brave struggle to haul an enormous piece of pizza down a flight of New York City subway steps, it was really only a matter of time before people started brainstorming ways to pay Pizza Rat the Halloween homage it deserves.

To be honest, I also briefly considered dressing up as Pizza Rat for Halloween, only with regular day clothes, mouse ears, and a pizza on my person at all times. Yandy, on the other hand, decided to take a decidedly more flirty approach with this bombshell ensemble. My only wish is that Pizza Rat was around to give its take on the logistics of this super sexy costume. I mean, I'm all about those cleverly placed pizza slices and the plush grey hood, but I feel like those heels would make climbing down the subway stairs a bit of a struggle:

The costume, which retails for $89.95 online, comes with a "body-hugging grey mini dress," an attached hood with mouse ears, an attached tail, and two attached pepperoni pizza slices, which is pretty much everything you need to get your point across when you're dressing up as Pizza Rat, I suppose. I, for one, still maintain this costume would benefit from you carrying around an actual pizza with you all night, but additional accessories are totally your call.

Then again, you could always just dress up as a regular ol' slice of pizza, if you happen to prefer classic pies over trendy Internet memes. Yandy has a costume for that, too:

It's good to have options, no?

Looking for more inspiration? Here are four other Pizza Rat Halloween costumes for people who can't get enough of the sexy, sexy rodent. Oh, and don't forget to re-watch the video that started it all. Seriously, it just never gets old.

Images: Yandy