Kim K Says What She *Really* Feels About Pregnancy

by Lisa Fogarty

Most pregnant women can go to work, come home, and vegetate on a couch for six hours on days when they're feeling bloated, in pain, or absolutely enormous. No such luck for Kim Kardashian, for whom the show must (always) go on and on and on, whether that means filming scenes for Keeping Up With the Kardashians or adorning her baby bump with expensive, scratchy lace at Givenchy RTW Spring 2016. Here's the truth of the matter: Kardashian says she loves being a mom, but hates being pregnant. And that's OK. In fact, it's totally normal. In fact, I love her a million times more for admitting it.

On her website, the 34-year-old reality star, who is reportedly due in December, wrote an open and honest account about how she feels carrying her second child with Kanye West: "I'm gonna keep it real: For me pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL! I don't understand one moment of it and I don't understand people who enjoy it."

Yes, being pregnant is a miracle and beautiful and all that, but it's also a freaking hellish experience at times, one filled with foreign aches and pains and alien discharge and, at the end of it all, the agony of pushing a glorious child out of your body. It's 100 percent worth it — but give Kardashian a break and allow her to moan and complain.

Here are some other things Kardashian has had to say about pregnancy — from back when she was pregnant with North and from this second time around.

1. She Wouldn't Wish It On Anyone

After North was born, Kardashian was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show , where she revealed:

The pregnancy, I wouldn't really wish that upon anyone. Anyone. It's all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all.

2. Getting Pregnant Again Wasn't Easy For Her

If you've been following Kardashian on KUWTK, you know she and West had a difficult time getting pregnant again. In an interview with C Magazine, she explained just how much they went through:

It was over a year of trying, and I had so many complications. I had this condition called placenta accreta. There were a couple of little operations to fix all that, so that created a little hole in my uterus, which I think made it really tough to get pregnant again. It was a long road. I would go to the doctor in Beverly Hills every day at five in the morning to get tested to see if I was ovulating. I was trying everything: I did acupuncture and got a nutritionist to eat healthier, thinking that was an issue.

3. The Body Shaming Hurt Her Feelings

Kardashian admitted to C Magazine that she isn't immune to others' hurtful comments, especially while pregnant and not feeling her best.

It was the worst! I couldn’t help it, and everyone would say, 'She can’t stop eating.' I delivered at 180, and they were like, 'She’s 210 pounds. She’s getting dumped because she’s too fat' and all these ridiculous stories. It really took a toll after the fact, when I was losing weight. I gained 50 pounds, and it’s tough to get it off.

4. Why She Wouldn't Film In The Delivery Room

In this video interview with Kardashian and older sister Kourtney, Kim was asked if she would allow video cameras in the delivery room when North was born and replied, "I wish I had the guts to show that." After Kourtney revealed that Kim convinced her to show footage of her giving birth, the star said, "Just because it was so easy for her. For me I'd probably be, like, screaming like a lunatic so, you know, no one wants to see that."

5. Adjusting To Her New Body

Kardashian made no bones about how difficult it is to watch your pregnant body grow and change when she spoke with Extra — but it isn't all doom and gloom:

I'm not going to lie and be like, ‘Oh, it's been amazing and I've adjusted great.’ At the beginning it was tough for me when your body changes so much… but once you kind of grasp that and embrace it... it's amazing.

6. Google Is Every Pregnant Woman's Worst Enemy

While speaking with Ryan Seacrest during her first pregnancy, Kardashian revealed she is in a lot of physical pain and that Googling her symptoms wasn't helping matters:

I get really paranoid [and] I start Googling things. The things that come up are really scary. It just freaks me out all the time.

7. The Struggle Of Accepting Her Pregnant Body

Kardashian delivered the funniest and most relatable line on reality TV when, on the eighth season of KUWTK , she caught a glimpse at her body in lingerie and asked family, "How the f*ck did I get like this?" Kardashian is gorgeous when she isn't pregnant and just as ethereal when she is, but what pregnant woman hasn't experienced the same self doubt? But, it isn't all bad. Here's what she told US Weekly:

It was really hard for me to accept the body changes, and I was having a different pregnancy than Kourtney did. She made it look really easy, but ever since the baby started to kick I've really embraced it. Now I love being pregnant.

Not every woman deals with pain and pregnancy complications, but for those who have, you have an ally in Kardashian — and kudos to her for speaking her truth.