Who Is Caroline Fleming's Ex-Husband? The 'Ladies Of London' Star Was Basically Married To James Bond

If you're a fan of Ladies of London, then you are probably planning on moving or at least vacationing in London sometime soon. Basically, you want to meet the cast of Bravo's most royal show ever and become best friends with them, right? Well, until that happens, it's probably best if you continue to watch every episode and learn all you can about each cast member, because then you'll definitely be welcomed into their very tight-knit social circle. For example, here's a some information about the newest lady of London, her personal life, and her relationships. Have you been wondering, who is Caroline Fleming's ex-husband? Look no further!

As was teased in the promo for Monday night's episode, Caroline supposedly has a new man in her life, but until we hear more about him, let's talk about her past relationship. Caroline was married to Rory Fleming from 2001 to 2008. Does that name sound familiar? It should, because not only is he part of the well-known and wealthy "Fleming banking family," but he is also the nephew of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, aka a popular 20th-century novelist. Ian is also known for writing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Yep, Caroline Fleming was basically married to Bond, James Bond. OK, not really, but it's something I'd totally brag about.

Per the Daily Mail, before settling down, Rory "had a reputation as one of Europe's most dashing playboys before he met Caroline." As for now, there's not much out there about Rory's personal life, but he's definitely making more and more headlines thanks to Caroline.

With that said, do you think when someone asks Rory for his name he replies, "Fleming, Rory Fleming"? I mean, I totally would if my uncle created one of the most iconic and beloved spy characters ever.

Images: Rebecca Miller/Bravo; oxfordparis/Tumblr