'Dancing With The Stars' Hayes Grier Uses His Most Memorable Year As Turning Point

In the October 5th episode, Dancing With the Stars contestant Hayes Grier used his most memorable year as an opportunity to let his skills shine on the dance floor. The Season 21 breakout star and fan favorite revealed that, up until last year, he was painfully shy. Hayes named 2014 as his most memorable year because it's when he finally came out of his shell — and he credits his older brother, Nash Grier, with helping him break out of his shyness.

Although both Hayes and Nash are currently social media sensations, Nash revealed that he used to need to pay Hayes to appear in his videos because the younger Grier brother was so wary of the spotlight. But then they literally became overnight celebrities and went on tour shortly thereafter. "I've grown up so much these past couple years," Hayes said, explaining that his sudden fame forced him to overcome his shyness.

Appropriately, his contemporary dance with partner Emma Slater was all about coming out of his shell — and he totally killed it. The judges were completely wowed and the pair got 9's across the board. As Bruno was quick to point out, the dance was technically demanding but Hayes didn't miss a beat. Carrie Ann praised him for his ability to successfully convey his story on the dance floor, while Julianne said she was "shocked" in the best way possible.

Although he's certainly overcome his shyness and fears of the public eye, Hayes is still a totally humble teen who was quick to credit Emma for being "the most amazing partner" and calming his nerves during an emotional rehearsal week. Here's the backstory about the dance that impressed audiences and judges:

Hayes is rightfully getting some amazing feedback from fans and media outlets on Twitter:

Like many Dancing With The Stars fans, I'm thrilled that Hayes has come out of his shell because it means we get to watch him grow as a performer every week. Plus, hearing that he's gone through the familiar struggle of shyness makes Hayes even more lovable. Bravo to Hayes for his dancing turning point — I can't wait to see what else this season has in store for him.

Image: Aaron Poole/ABC