20 Funny Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Wonderfully Witty

They say a friend would help you move a mattress, but a best friend would help you move a body. The spookiest night of the year is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the scary-deep bonds between you and your BFF. Check out these funny best friend Halloween costume ideas, and let the world know how much you love your besties.

Nowadays, best friends do so much for each other. They act as co-author to every text battle, co-pilot to all deep-creeping expeditions online, styling consultant, proxy grudge-holder, beer goggle safety filter, and the person who will be by your side for all ice cream-related adventures. Your best friend is more reliable than your mailman, and frequently shows up with pizza and wine instead of utility bills and pre-approved credit card offers, so they deserve a little recognition.

If you're in the too old to trick-or-treat and too young to have your own little trick-or-treaters phase of adulthood, Oct. 31 is all about kicking it with your homies. It's the most inherently social of all of the widely celebrated holidays. So, whether you're bringing your BFF as your plus-one for the office Halloween party, or going out to conquer the town with your crew, these costumes will put your friendship on full display, and show everybody who you're gonna share that Uber with at the end of the night.

1. The Sestras Of Orphan Black

You're so in tune with each other, you're more than sisters — you're basically clones. This costume will work for a crew of up to four... or five... or 13 ladies.

2. Chuck And Wilson

If you were stranded on an island and you could only bring one thing, you'd bring your best friend.

3. Mario And Luigi

Together, the two of you can overcome anything from a troupe of Koopas, to a clogged toilet at the party.

4. Kobe And Lebron

Do the two of you win at everything? Just throw on some jerseys from two of basketball's greatest to communicate your penchant for victory.

5. The Shining Twins

These best friend costumes are the perfect blend of creepy and hot.

6. The Dancing Girl Emoji

Emoji costumes are so 2015, and this one is totally easy to DIY at the last minute.

7. Broad City's Abbi And Ilana

I can't really think of a more appropriate best friend costume than Abbi and Ilana, TV's most realistic depiction of female friendship.

8. Sesame Street Pals

Cookie Monster and Elmo go glam with this almost flapper-esque best friend ensemble.

9. The Doctor And The Tardis

The two of you keep the universe safe from foes across time and space.

10. Wayne And Garth

These two have been partying together since 1992, and you and your bestie can honor that time-tested relationship with this grungy-fabulous costume.

11. The Golden Girls

Another group-friendly costume for a squad with lots of BFFs, this costume will really say, "thank you for being a friend."

12. Tigger And Pooh

As these two enchanted animal friends, you and your BFF can drink lots and lots of honey whiskey with a perfectly legitimate explanation.

13. Flo And Mayhem

These two are the pioneers of topical car insurance comedy, which is reason enough in itself to rock this costume.

14. Blair And Serena

Blair and Serena basically taught an entire generation of women from here and yonder how to dress like preppy Upper Eastsiders. Celebrate their six seasons of fashionable friendship with your own interpretation of the Gossip Girl stars.

15. Daria And Jane

If you and your bestie are already totally over it, this is the costume for you!

16. A Grownup Twist On Thing 1 And Thing 2

Everyone from babies to frat bros dresses up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. I think this is more representative of the typical Halloween experience.

17. Hallie And Annie From The Parent Trap

You pretty much feel like you have a long lost twin whenever you hang out with your BFF.

18. The Sanderson Sisters

The Sanderson Sisters had but one night to suck the lives out of the children of Salem (... um, graphic). Bust out your best Sarah, Mary, and Winifred with your two besties this Halloween in honor of the best Halloween movie ever.

19. Buzz And Woody

Dressing up as the ultimate Pixar best pal duo is a great playful way to express your friendship this Halloween.

20. Cher And Dionne

Your friends will be totally buggin' when you and your bestie roll up to the party in these amazing Clueless-inspired costumes.

Images: Jim H/Flickr