Will Hayley Stay Cursed On 'The Originals'?

Real talk you guys, when Klaus cursed Hayley on The Originals to stay in werewolf form every day except the full month (reverse-cursed, if you will) I did not really take it all that seriously. I figure Klaus does terrible things to people all the time, and most often things are fixed pretty easily. He didn't kill her, so there's no need for resurrection, and Marcel already put that same curse of the werewolves before so there is a built in fix for her predicament. I figured that this was a necessary loophole while we get rid of Dahlia, that this will be wrapped up in no time ... maybe even by the beginning of Season 3.

It looks like I was very wrong about that. Not only did Hayley stay cursed, we've got Elijah sticking around as her parent-proxy (because he is in mad love with her, obviously). Normally I'd say this is when Davina would swoop in and fix everything but she is now the Leader of The Nine Covens (pretty fancy for a girl not even out of high school) and not keen on helping any werewolf or vampire. From the sound of it Hayley's curse will last for some time on the show and will have far reaching implications. In an interview with TV Line, Phoebe Tonkin discussed her road ahead and it sounds like she is going to have a pretty busy start to Season 3.

The Curse Lives

It turns out she won't be back full time when the show picks back up. We might have to get used to wolf-Hayley for awhile, according to Tonkin.

Right now, we’re only going to see Hayley once a month. I hope that at least one episode will be the full day when I’m human. I’d also like to see Hayley in wolf form. I don’t know if we’ve seen that yet, and it could be really cool.

Parenting Drama

Even when we do have her back around in human form, it's not going to be smooth sailing with Klaus (though let's be honest, it never is). It sounds like Klayley (is that the right ship name?) is not happening, for a while at least.

Hayley’s not going to be able to forgive him easily for what he’s done. Even if he did it for the good of his baby, I don’t think he did it in the right way. He should have let Hayley know that’s what he was doing so she could have been part of the plan.

Anger Issues

Obviously, Hayley's not going to take it peacefully, according to Tonkin "[she’s] pissed." Though, she's been mad at Klaus before and always recovered — so we'll see how thing goes. They do have Hope to think of after all.

She's Not Going Anywhere

I was getting pretty worried about having far less Hayley on the show, so I was relived when in that same interview executive producer Michael Narducci chimed in talking about Hayley's presence on the show.

There’s also this young baby, and that baby has a mother, and she has a clear tie to Klaus and a clear tie to Elijah; she’s fundamentally important to the show. Even though she’s in a worst-case scenario, we definitely have not seen the last of her.

But Things Could Get Worse

Like all things on The Originals, bad could easily lead to terrible. Narducci had this to say about finding a solution to her "condition." "We have to resolve what has been done to her and what it means to her, and if there is any cure to her situation, we’ll have to deal with that as priority one. Whether that improves her condition, or significantly worsens it, I can’t say. "

Yikes. Bring on the madness of Season 3!

Images: Quantrell Colbert/CW; giphy (5)