Of Course Kylie Jenner Tried Matte Blue Lipstick

Leave it to Kylie Jenner to show off two different and extreme beauty trends in a single day, at separate times, and in a pair of selfies. Kylie Jenner nailed the blue lipstick trend, painting her famous, puffy pout with a matte, midnight blue shade while headed to dinner with Caitlyn Jenner. She also donned a waist trainer, a device that gave her already-curvy shape even more of an hourglass look.

The most famous member of the Kardashian clan actually tried one of these trends for a very good cause! Jenner noted in her Instagram caption that she was rocking deep 'n' dark blue lips in honor of World Bullying Prevention Day.

It was the teen's unique and super fabulous way of showing support for bullying victims, as opposed to her simply playing with a beauty trend.

Jenner wisely paired her extreme blue lip look with a subdued outfit that consisted of a neutral, beige coat, amber and gold shades, and braids slicked off her face.

This lip hue is certainly not the neutrals we're expecting from her shrouded-in-mystery Lip Kits, which she has teased on Instagram a few times so far. But since her lips are so full, the deep, dark blue shade was gorgeous without being clown-like.

What a pair! They both look stunning in very different ways. The eye is immediately drawn to the teen's pucker. She wisely made sure that her lips were perfectly lined and flake-free, since this is one color you don't want bleeding all over your face or chipping off of non-smooth lips. It requires precision application, which we know Jenner is adept at.

Jenner also posted a mirror selfie — another of her signatures! — while wearing a waist trainer, which is essentially a modern-day corset that cinches the waist and maximizes curves. While the idea of manipulating the body to create an hourglass shape is problematic, Jenner does note in her caption that the waist trainer can also help improve posture, pointing out an unexpected benefit of the controversial product.

The jury is out on whether they actually work, but a Marie Claire article suggests that waist trainers might not be the healthiest. Big sis Khloe is an advocate of waist trainers so it appears to be quite a Kardashian thing.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Khloe Kardahian/Instagram (1)