Blogger Kristina Bazan Named L'Oreal Ambassador

Move over models, celebs, singers, and actresses! Beauty endorsements are no longer solely your domain! L'Oreal Paris hired blogger Kristina Bazan as a brand ambassador, signaling a serious shift in 21st century trends. Bazan, who is all of 21, joins Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, Barbara Palvin, and Naomi Watts, who are also spokesmodels for the brand.

Yes, this is a wonderful case where one of these things is not like the others!

While Women's Wear Daily points out that Bazan's Katyure lifestyle blog grabs 2 million monthly views and that she has 2 million Instagram followers, she is decidedly more "real girl" than L'Oreal's super famous ambassadors; the blogosphere is a bit different than the celebrity universe in terms of levels of fame.

I am stoked about this shift in trends! Plucking a gorgeous, Swiss-and-U.S.-raised girl from the blog world and installing her in this role is like the beauty world's version of the Cinderella story.

It reminds us that there are so many beautiful ladies out there making an impact in the digital and real world beyond the usual trajectory of film, TV, music, and modeling!

Here are five reasons why Bazan's appointment as a L'Oreal amassador is a hugely awesome deal.

1. She Bridges A Gap!


L'Oreal VP Yann Joffredo told WWD that Bazan "is a bridge between classical advertising and the consumer." That's total truth. Her campaigns will be for the beauty mavens and by the beauty maven. That she is entrepreneurial and a "makeup junkie" makes her the perfect choice.

2. She Is A Source Of Inspo Beyond Her Personal Style


Cyril Chapuy, another L'Oreal exec, pointed out that Bazan's ability to translate her style for others makes her a prime source of inspo. Chapuy told WWD, "She shows us that any woman can create bold and sophisticated makeup looks, and feel good about herself. She designs her own beauty and has this incredible ability to openly share and inspire women all around the world. That’s the type of message L’Oréal Paris always stands for."

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Indeed, a girl who began posting her daily looks and style online while still in high school is bit more personally inspiring than, say, an actress who has been rich and famous for years.

3. The Digital World

Rommel Demano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's relatively easy to recruit a model or actress and sign her to a contract to rep a mass or prestige brand. L'Oreal is embracing the digital world and looking there for the new crop of style influencers. That is a beautiful thing. This opens the doors for other bloggers of all backgrounds.

4. Content, Content, Content

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course Bazan will co-create exclusive content for the brand. It's a way for L'Oreal to make sure that it's finger remains firmly pressed on the fashion and beauty pulses.

5. Girl Positive!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bazan plans to use her role for girl positive good. According to WWD, she said, "My wish is to use this new voice, this new amazing role as a spokesperson to spread a positive message about beauty and make all women around the world feel and know that they are all worth it."

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amen sister!

BTW, it's worth nothing that Bazan looks like she could be Olivia Wilde's little sister. Ironically, Wilde reps competing brand Revlon.