You Can Now Personalize Your VS Fragrance

Finding a signature scent is a major feat. Having to choose between cherry blossom, peach, and coconut can be difficult, but now you can have them all at once — and then some! Victoria's Secret is unveiling the VS Fantasies Fragrance Studio that lets you layer and blend separate scents to make your own personalized fragrance. It's now easier than ever to create a customized perfume.

The studio will occupy a special little corner of the brand's stores and will host all 14 original VS scents, plus five new ones to play with. You'll be allowed to layer, blend, and mix all the scents to find out which two complement you the best. There is a catch, though. Instead of mixing them into one convenient bottle, you'll have to buy both scents and combine them at home.

Although you'll be on your own to decide which of the blends you like the best, each space will have paper blotters and all the scents laid out, so you can get to concocting. Unless someone else picks the exact same mists in the same order, no one will smell exactly like you do.

"The fragrance studio is about pairing and creating something new that is uniquely yours," vice-president of product development for VS Mark Knitowski told Cosmopolitan. "It's about playing to make different fragrances for different moods."

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Each of VS mists are currently on sale for $9 in-store and online, meaning that a personalized scent will cost you under $20. That's not too bad, considering that you'll really be getting several perfumes for the price of two.

"The concept and tagline here is 'Mix two, make it you!' — we want her to know that there is something for everyone and you can personalize your scent not only by layering them, but by mixing up the order in how you layer them,"Knitowski told Cosmopolitan.

According to Victoria's Secret website, there's no wrong way to pair the fragrances. With over 300 combinations, the hardest part will be choosing just two. Here are just a few of the your 19 options.

1. Rich Jasmine

If you're torn between a classic and fruity smell, the limited-edition scent of jasmine and peach is the one for you.

2. Passion Struck Flirt

This warm scent is a mixture between nectarine and sensual amber, and is perfect for the winter months.

3. Rich Amber

If you're looking for a bold floral smell, then this amber and freesia scent is the one for you.

4. Love Spell Flirt

Another limited-edition spray, the floral flirty scent is a mixture between lily and musk, making for an earthier combination than the others.

5. Rich Vanilla

Who doesn't love a classic? Use it alone or pair it with another to build a complex scent.

6. Secret Charm

Honeysuckle and jasmine give this flirty fragrance a fresh and bold aroma.

7. Sheer Love Flirt

The combination of dark violet and pink currant can easily combine with fruity or spicy scents to make it completely your own.

The possibilities are truly endless!

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