Does Niall Horan Have A New Girlfriend? It May Just Be A False Alarm, Everyone

If you checked Twitter on Tuesday morning and had a mild heart attack when you noticed that #NiallsNewGirlfriend was trending, you aren't the only one. As a gal who both takes One Direction way too seriously and has a major crush on Niall Horan, the idea that my fictional boyfriend could be cheating on me was just too much to bear. With Zayn Malik leaving the band and Louis Tomlinson about to become a father, I don't know how many more 1D shakeups I can handle, so Horan dating someone could be the last straw. I frantically researched the situation — as you do when a celeb crush is in jeopardy — and fortunately, I have good news for us all. Horan does not have a new girlfriend, and it seems like the hashtag was just created by fans as a joke.

In fact, a quick Google search reveals that the most recent Horan dating rumors haven't happened since last spring, when Horan was allegedly dating Melissa Whitelaw — a relationship that appears to have ended since. So don't worry, guys. #NiallsNewGirlfriend is just a group effort by the 1D fandom to stir up a little excitement (and cause a few people like us to panic), not to expose Horan's latest relationship to the world.

The best part of the tag, though? The hilarious messages that have entered the Twitterverse because of it. And after reading through a bunch of these, you know what? If Directioners want to start joke trending topics more often, I'm totally on board.

Your First Reaction To The Trending Topic

This. This was my face. This is it. Exactly.

Horan's Girlfriend Is Golf

I mean, he does love it.

Or Maybe Food?


This Perfect Explanation Of The Trending Process

And from there, it exploded as we all woke up one by one to mini aneurysms.

When The Reality Of The Situation Hits You

No. I refuse to believe it.

Pulling A "Blank Space"

I get drunk on jealousy.

And The Perfect Actual Reaction To This Hashtag

I am always down for a good joke. Not so much for crying over Horan dating someone who isn't me. No thanks.

It's official, guys: for now, we're safe. Next, we wait for Horan to see the trending topic himself and respond accordingly. I'm expecting something hilarious to appear on his Twitter at any minute.