'The Hunger Games' Soundtracks Are Pretty Amazing

If you have a rebellion, but you don't have an impeccably put together album to rebel to, is the rebellion even worth having anymore? These are my thoughts as we dawn upon the theatrical release of Mockingjay — Part 2, just a month away. You really have to wonder, when is Mockingjay — Part 2 soundtrack coming out, anyway? It's weird that, as we get closer to the release of the movie, we still have no Mockingjay — Part 2 Soundtrack release date in sight, leaving us to rummage through our old time favorite songs from soundtracks' past.

That's right, historically speaking, the Hunger Games' soundtracks are well-curated pieces of work that accurately convey the mood of each film. In other words, they go from one to Lorde very quick. I mean, we all know that the songstress helped put together the musical companion for Mockingjay — Part 1, and that felt decidedly on theme. But, even before that, the Hunger Games soundtracks were filled with all sorts of hidden gems.

So, as you wait impatiently for it to hit iTunes, why don't you settle into these 11 tracks plucked mercilessly from the former Hunger Games soundtracks?

1. "Abraham’s Daughter" — Arcade Fire

It's not an explosive track, but it just feels right to open the first Hunger Games soundtrack. With the light vocals and military-esque drumming, you really get that "awaiting almost certain death" vibe. Bonus points for not being country, which inevitably makes up a lot of that album.

2. "Safe & Sound" — Taylor Swift Feat. The Civil Wars

This is another almost airy track that has Swift sounding almost... wistful. Joy Williams just barely interjects with her own airy harmonizations, and the effect is just splendid.

3. "We Remain" — Christina Aguilera

I'm not really sure how Aguilera got matched up to the Catching Fire soundtrack, but I'm glad someone thought of it The strength of her voice alone makes her a worthy addition.

4. "Atlas" — Coldplay

What you listen to when you're forced into another round of kill-and-be-killed, and you're super duper sad about it.

5. "Elastic Heart" — Sia

This is so wonderfully weird, and a solid departure from all the somber songs the soundtracks tend to churn out. The beat is sick, and the energy is bursting.

6. "Capitol Letter" – Patti Smith

I'm a little biased here, because I would listen to Smith read the side of a cereal box, she that much of a damn legend. Although this is a little funny, because it very directly ties into the movie. "Mocking as the jay," anyone?

7. "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" – Lorde

I am all about Tears for Fears, but this cover is bold enough to actually inspire tears and fears. So good.

8. "Dead Air" – CVRCHES

There's something about this song that sounds really '80s, and, as I'm clearly all about that (see previous Tears for Fears comment), I find it an absolute delight. Katniss should add it to her "overthrowing the Capitol" mix CD, because it really gets you pumped.

9. "Yellow Flicker Beat" — Lorde

This is one of the strongest Lorde-tinted song in the Hunger Games collective. Oh, but that's not all:

10. "Yellow Flicker Beat" — Lorde (still), Kanye West Rework

West made a Lorde song spookier. That is some straight up artistry right there.

11. "The Hanging Tree" – James Newton Howard Feat. Jennifer Lawrence

This wasn't even originally on the Mockingjay — Part 1 soundtrack, but J. Law just did such a beautiful job that they stuck it onto the digital re-release. With her leading the song mournfully and others joining in mid-way, it really encapsulates the entire feel of the series.

With all of these songs in The Hunger Games' past, I'm getting chills thinking about what's to come in The Hunger Games' future. The Mockingjay — Part 2 soundtrack can't come soon enough.

Image: Lionsgate