What You Missed In 'Mockingjay, Part 2's Trailer

It hasn't even been a whole day since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 trailer was released, and already, fans have been going crazy over it. There's talk about what's missing from the trailer, what's amazing about the trailer, whether it's better than other Hunger Games trailers, and reactions fans are having to it. But, trust me on this one — having watched the trailer a gagillion times already, there are some seriously important things in the Mockingjay — Part 2 trailer that you may have missed.

When it comes to films like this one, some of the smallest details sometimes signal the biggest things in store for the movie — and trust me when I say that when I saw them, they made me just about die with excitement. Some are tiny details that suggest a few of the differences between the movie and the book, and others that point to plot twists you may not see coming. Even the biggest Hunger Games fan would be surprised at what they find from combing through that trailer with a fine tooth comb. 'Cause believe me, I HAVE.

So, in case you thought you knew everything about the movie from reading the book and watching the trailer, here are a few hints you may have missed that indicate the movie is going to be better than any of us even anticipated — and that it may just have a few unexpected things up its sleeve.

1. This Gorgeous Wedding Dress

It's kind of far away and only noticable in the opening seconds of the trailer, but this wedding dress looks like it's TO DIE FOR.

2. The Fact That Finnick's Jacket Looks Just Like Effie's

This could just be a coincidence (they do have the same costume designer, of course), but those collars look almost identical. Could it be the sign of the different districts coming together in more than just spirit? Each district has it's own style, after all, so maybe gray wool collars is the look of the revolution? If it is, it is FETCH.

3. The Film Crew Still Going At It

That long shot of Cressida and friends watching the wedding shows them with cameras in hand. I'm pretty sure this means we can count on more propos in Part 2.

4. Katniss' Royal Treatment

There's a quick shot of Katniss standing in front of a mirror with Effie, and behind them are the same style of decorations that is in the shot of the dinner party at the palace. Gee, I wonder where she is in this scene. SPOILER ALERT FOR SURE.

5. The Blueprints Of District 13's Hideaway

Check out that badass bunker, what with the security system and accompanying hangers. No wonder the palace's attempt to smoke them out in the last movie failed.

6. That Touching Moment Between Prim And Katniss

It's one of the longest shots in the trailer, so you know that's not leading to anything good for either of them. Sorry, folks.

7. So Little Peeta!

Seriously. Where is Peeta? He gets, like, two seconds of screen time in this trailer. Listen, I get that he's a mess and totally brainwashed, but I DON'T CARE. I want my Peeta and I want it now.

Check the trailer below:

Images: The Hunger Games/YouTube (8)