Things Get Steamy With Gaga On 'AHS: Hotel'

American Horror Story has introduced some pretty shocking story arcs to fans throughout the past four seasons: from those crazy minotaur scenes in Coven to Evan Peters' pleasure-inducing claws in Freak Show. But nothing could've prepared us for the steamy scenario the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere had in store. I'm, of course, referring to The Countess and Donovan's orgy scene, which quickly morphed from a sexual experience to a bloody big mess. (Seriously, I would not want to be in charge of housekeeping in this hotel.) After luring an unsuspecting couple back to their hotel suite, all parties (including Gaga) striped down to next to nothing and dove headfirst into the throws of passion.

Suffice to say, this little encounter didn't leave much to the imagination and could quite possibly be the most sexually revealing scene in AHS history. (Well, that and the crime scene one that left a guy blinded while still "inside" his lover.) I mean, obviously this series doesn't shy away from pushing television boundaries on a weekly basis, but usually that's been in regards to horror and gore rather than risqué content. So aside from getting some very welcome glances at Evan Peters' and Finn Wittrock's bare butts, seeing this much skin is a fairly rare occurrence. But maybe now, all that's about to change.

Granted, if we were talking about a show that belongs to HBO or Showtime then I really wouldn't think twice about this particular Hotel scene. Between Game of Thrones and Masters of Sex I feel as though I've almost become desensitized to R-rated sex scenes. But since this is an FX series we're talking about, it's definitely borderline on inappropriate, at least in regards to their usual standards, which makes me wonder… is FX slowly becoming the new HBO?

Throughout the past four seasons, AHS has gone overboard on many fronts, but almost never in regards to sexual misconduct. Sure, there was that whole masturbating in front of a minotaur thing that I will never be able to un-see, but even though we knew what was happening, we never really saw anything too revealing on a skin-on-skin level. (Sometimes the power of suggestion can be just as effective.)

And I'm not necessarily complaining about this shift, especially with the uber-attractive cast we have this season. But if this trend keeps up, it's going to be a harder and harder time discerning FX shows from HBO ones. Though, if any show was going to be responsible in leading the charge in such a cause, it makes sense that it would be AHS.

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX (2); Wifflegif