4 Dating Apps That Give Back

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 285 million people who are blind or visually impaired worldwide. Yet, 80 percent of those cases can actually be prevented or cured. Because of this, “One for One” brand, TOMS and the king of dating apps, Tinder, have partnered up in an effort to help raise awareness for World Sight Day.

World Sight Day, which occurs on October 8, is “a day dedicated to global awareness for blindness and visual impairment.” Until Thursday of this week, every time you log onto Tinder for the first time, you will be greeted by a video profile card reminding you, “If you can’t see, you can’t swipe.”

In order to encourage people to take a day to “Focus On Sight,” every purchase made of a pair of TOMS Eyewear on World Sight Day, will go towards a person in need by helping to fund an eye exam, prescription glasses, medical treatment or sight-saving surgery.

We live in a time where it’s seemingly OK for people to make snap judgments on others based on a profile picture alone. Have we become a shallow generation? Yeah, maybe. While I would love to imagine a world where I wouldn’t have to be forced to view unwanted pictures of anonymous genitalia, none of that stuff would even matter if I didn’t have my eyesight.

With all the negative press Tinder seems to get, it’s great to see them putting an effort towards bringing awareness to something that I believe many of us take for granted. Now who can say Tinder isn’t doing any good for the world?

But Tinder isn’t the first dating app to partner up with a charitable cause. Here are four other ways dating apps are finding people love, and doing good for society:

1. Match And The American Heart Association

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one cause of death in not only the U.S., but the world. About one in seven deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to heart disease. Because of that, Match has teamed up with the American Heart Association in order to help fight against heart disease. Beginning October 7, for every unique profile view of Match's 11 Hottest Trainers, they will donate $1 to the American Heart Association.

2. Neqtr Wants You To “Fall In Love. Build Community. Save The World.”

Netqtr is an invite-only app designed for socially conscious people to match with others who share the same passion. According to the site, “Whether it’s yoga, fitness, activism, or rescuing stray animals, we help you find like-minded people who share your same passions. Because you shine your brightest when you’re doing what you love! That’s how we make giving back sexy.”

3. Do Good Dating Connects People Through Volunteer Work

Founded by a group of Aucklanders, the Do Good Dating site introduces compatible people before sending them out on one-on-one dates to do volunteer work. According to the site, whether it’s gardening, helping out the elderly or collecting money for charity, “it’s a chance to give the world a little love, and could result in getting some back!”

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