This Menstrual Cup Doubles As A Health Tracker

The latest futuristic invention to hit the health app market: A menstrual cup that not only collects your menstrual blood, but also tells you what's going on with it. The Looncup menstrual cup comes with an app that tells you when your period is coming, when your cup is full, and when the color of the fluid indicates potential health problems.

How on Earth does it know those things? According to the Looncup's Kickstarter page, the cup contains sensors that measure fluid volume to tell you exactly how full the cup is and when you need to empty it. These sensors are also capable of measuring the color of the fluid to detect signs of stress or poor sleeping habits, as well as keeping track of the time you put it in and take it out so that it gets to know your menstrual cycle. The app will even tell you exactly how much time is left before the cup fills. Plus, it displays all this information on a nifty interface on your phone or Apple Watch. Who said getting your period couldn't be fun, or at least interesting?

If you're eager to experience the magic yourself, you can get a Looncup shipped to you in January by pledging $35 or more on Kickstarter.

Here's what the app looks like on the iPhone:

And here's what it looks like on the Apple Watch:

Even if you're not interested in knowledge for its own sake, the Looncup can help you stay on top of your health and prevent leaks — a benefit I think we can all appreciate.

Menstrual cups have a lot of surprising benefits in general, including a lower total cost than pads and tampons, fewer trips to the pharmacy and the bathroom, fewer leaks, and a lower risk of dryness, rashes, and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Plus, they're better for the environment.

Whether or not you use the Looncup, though, there are still a number of period-tracking apps out there to help you stay on top of your monthly cycle. Several, including Clue and Period Diary, also track your fertility if you're trying to get pregnant. And one playful app called P Log (below) even lets you record potential symptoms of PMS by selecting colorful illustrations. The best thing is, all of these apps are free.

We're not usually taught that periods are fun. But if you're a nerd like me who enjoys learning about the human body, the Looncup and other period tracking apps could give you just the reason to look forward to that time of month.

Check out the full Looncup campaign video below:

Images: Looncup/Kickstarter (4); P-Log/Google Play; Giphy