11 Emotional Stages Of Snagging An Amazing Bargain

Is there anything better than snagging an amazing bargain? Maybe, but if there is, I haven't experienced it yet. Some background on me: I love bargains. I like the things I buy to be of quality, sure, but when it comes to clothes and shoes I believe you never have to pay full price for anything, even the dress of your dreams. And I never do. My secret? Wait for the sales. If your desired item doesn't make it to sale, it wasn't meant to be. There will be other things you want as much as you wanted that thing, and things you will want even more than that, so don't fret. And if it does, you will achieve climax. No, I am not over exaggerating.

Case in point: this week I managed to get a dress I had originally seen for $170 (and would never have bought at that price anyway) for $39. YES, 39 DOLLARS. The original price was listed somewhere else, but when I went to the actual brand's website, I found it was $98 (still too expensive for my little miserly mitts). A few days later I went back to lament over said expensive dress and found it had been reduced to $50 off. I then checked and lo! I could use my student discount to receive an extra 20 percent off! (If you're not a student, ask around, you probably know someone who is and who will let you use their school discount code). Meanwhile, shipping was free and I was in bargain heaven. Here are the emotional stages you go through when you snag a bargain:

1. Annoyance

Everything starts with annoyance. Annoyed that things are expensive, and that you can't have all the cute little dresses you want (no really though, these are some next level #issues).

2. Resolve

You vow to yourself and all the Internet, you will have that item you can't afford, at a price that you can afford. Because this is America, damn it.

3. Patience

You dig your heels in, and wait.

4. Impatience

The waiting game can be tough, especially with something so pretty taunting you. You grow impatient, start thinking about maybe selling a kidney.

5. Obsession

While you're waiting, you become obsessed, checking back every day, searching other sites and stores, not resting until you see the bargain you're looking for.

6. Disbelief

Then suddenly, like a fever dream, there it is: 50 percent off and glowing like a flame to which you are a moth. It's surreal.

7. Urgency

Then comes the OMG MUST BUY IMMEDIATELY BEFORE IT SELLS OUT urgent rush. You scramble for your credit card and your hands shake as you fill out your delivery information.

8. Relief

Once the purchase is completed, you will lean back and sigh with relief.

9. Extreme Happiness

It won't be long before the happiness bubbles up inside you and your dancing around your living room like you just won the lottery.

10. Immense Pride

You'll be so proud you'll feel like you actually accomplished something very meaningful, and you'll tell everyone you know about this bargain for weeks.

11. Complete Elation

There's nothing like a good bargain to have you riding on cloud nine. You won't get any higher than that. At least until the next one comes along.

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