Aren't You Glad You Don't Work in THIS Office?

by Eliza Castile

Have you ever wondered what your office would be like if it was staffed by sociopaths and narcissists? No? Well, it's a good thing you have people like the creators of the animated web series HR Violations to wonder for you. If you've ever worked in Human Resources, you're intimately aware of how petty, cranky, and straight-up strange people can be at work — and HR Violations nails it, and then some.

Masterminded by Someecards and Above Average, the series is technically a satire along the lines of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia mixed with Archer and a little Bojack Horseman, but it's uncomfortably, hilariously close to real life. Whether it's registering an office relationship before going on a date, refusing to stop watching porn in the office because it's "research" (a word of advice: Do not watch porn in the office), or choosing summer interns based on their cheerleading experience, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if any of these experiences were based in truth — just with an added "crazed sociopath" element. You know, for fun.

That being said, HR employee Abby isn't exactly angelic either. For instance, she actually offers to help the porn addict out by claiming he needs it for health reasons. "You might even get the company to build you an at-home porn ramp," she speculates. In case you're wondering what on Earth that would look like, it's helpfully illustrated for us in all its pornographic, phallic glory.

Amazing. She also helps an older employee create a Craigslist ad... for young women to have casual sex. You know, like a good HR manager. How else are older people supposed to have anonymous, Internet-based encounters?

With its explicit jokes and fondness for crazed, unhealthy characters, it probably won't come as a surprise that the videos are the result of a collaboration between Someecards and Above Average. Check out the videos below:

Images: ro_buck [I'm not there]/Flickr, Someecards/YouTube (2)