RunwayRiot Replaces Styleite With Shoppable Platform Catering To Plus Size Women

What you once knew Styleite to be is no more, because come mid-November the site will re-launch as RunwayRiot, "a beautiful, sexy style and fashion site for an underrepresented and often underappreciated majority of women in America​ who wear larger sizes​," according to the official announcement. Within the next month, the site will be rebranded as an online fashion portal for plus size women with new logos, a new design, and new shoppable content. And being one of the first of its kind, RunwayRiot will surely be a size-inclusive, body positive, wonderfully beautiful, well, riot!

According to Fashionista, Styleite's traffic declined to less than 500,000 unique visitors per month, whereas Racked and Stylecaster have been maintaining stats above a million. But looking at their numbers, Abrams Media founder Dan Abrams found that plus size focused articles were performing the best, and noticed a lack of sites and publications that are catered to a multitude of sizes and shapes. "When you have 60-plus percent of American women who are considered plus size — that’s an enormous opportunity," he told WWD.

And frankly, it's an opportunity that seems very, very promising. The website is not only guaranteeing a face lift, but is also ensuring content that will be size-inclusive, body positive, and well, overall awesome. And since there is a real lack of representation for the plus size community, RunwayRiot will surely be highly anticipated.

Here are seven things to get pumped about as we wait for RunwayRiot's release in mid-November.

1. It's Size-Inclusive


Can we seriously admire the fact that there's finally going to be a website that doesn't cater to only women sizes 2, or 4, or 6, but all sizes. In the world that we live in today, it's crazy to think that there's still a shortage in this arena. But it's better late than never. RunwayRiot promises to be size-inclusive, on top of many other things.

2. The Managing Editor Is Iskra Lawrence

Her name may not sound familiar, but you probably know this 24-year-old plus size model from her un-retouched American Eagle Aerie campaign. Lawrence is an outspoken, gorgeous activist for the plus size community, and her editing role at RunwayRiot only adds to her awesome resume. At the website, she'll be in charge of writing articles, starring in videos, and styling editorials. And she's planning on doing this alongside her modeling career. Super woman, anyone?

3. It's Totally Affordable

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not surprised when I read articles and content online from fashion sites and see products that pull over $1,000. That's not realistic, and most of us want to shop on a budget. Thankfully, RunwayRiot has got it covered. All of their recommended products, even in editorials, will be worth less than $250. Yes, you read that correctly. Coming from a select 10 to 20 brands from RewardStyle, this also promises the hope that...

4. They May Create An Original Clothing Line

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every time a customer buys something off of Runway Riot, RewardStyle will cut them 5 to 15 percent of the profit. So, if business gets really good, the website leaders are hoping that it will result in enough profit to create an original clothing line. And since women of certain sizes only have a limited amount of plus size brands to shop from, this could be an exciting endeavor. Fashionista also reported that "eventually, Runway Riot hopes to partner directly with brands to sell exclusive collections."

5. The Content Will Be Amazing

Fernando Leon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On top of all the content that the website has already promised, RunwayRiot will also be publishing investigative features (yes!) and personal essays (double yes!) alongside photo editorials and shoppable links. There will be articles covering controversial issues in the fashion industry, including the prejudice towards plus sizes.

6. It's Empowerment For Everyone

Instead of focusing on insecurities and imperfections, RunwayRiot promises to celebrate style, fashion, beauty, no matter a size or shape. “I was trying to change who I was," Lawrence said on the website's announcement post, "and then I totally accepted who I was, and knew that I wanted to change the industry instead of me." Preach!

Image: iamiskra/Instagram