'Scream Queens' Emoji Spoilers Hint No One Is Safe

People are dropping like flies on the Scream Queens campus, and the wrath of the red devil doesn't seem to be slowing down. No one is immune to the campus murderer — not even Ariana Grande's ponytail — and by the time the season is over, there might not be anyone left standing. Scream Queens spoilers from star Abigail Breslin, Chanel Number 5, suggest that, at least. When asked by Bustle to reveal what fans can expect from the rest of the season in emoji form, and if we can sum it up in one word, it would probably be "death."

Dark, I know. But what do you expect from a show where the premiere episode killed off a handful of huge characters? There are a few big questions Season 1 of Scream Queens needs to answer. First, who is the red devil? There is a theory that there are multiple red devil killers in the Scream Queens world; Boone's "death" (Nick Jonas) would definitely suggest that. Why does the red devil want to hurt the Kappas so badly? That answer might be related to the second major question of the season — who is the bathtub baby? The red devil and the bathtub baby might be the same person, but that almost seems too easy for a show co-created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the same guys that created American Horror Story.

We asked Breslin to give away Scream Queen spoilers the only way a Chanel would, in emoji. Here's what she had to say about the rest of the season.

Let's really go through these emojis, shall we?


There's obviously going to be more "scares" coming our way — evident with the scream face and the praise emoji (I'm choosing to read those hands as more of a terrified hands up emoji than praise hands).

The Chanels

The Chanel clan is definitely represented by the nail polish, candy, crown, and lipstick emojis. Prepare yourself for more "sisterly love" coming from the Chanels towards the pledges.


I think we can all say that the most alarming — and true to theme — emojis are the knife, shower, dead, and angry emojis. The shower and knife are begging for a Psycho comparison, while the face emojis basically sum up the red devil killing everyone. Basically, don't get too attached to anyone, because it seems no one is safe from dying on Scream Queens.

Images: Steve Dietl/FOX; Giphy (3)