Emma Roberts Cuts Deep In 'Scream Queens' Teaser

A new teaser has been released for Ryan Murphy's upcoming horror-comedy show Scream Queens, and it's delicious. While previous promos for the new FOX anthology series have focused on bright colors, pop music, and popping bubblegum, the most recent Scream Queens trailer one takes a decidedly darker turn. Once again featuring star Emma Roberts as her character Chanel, this teaser opens to the sound of ominous, quivering strings as the sorority girl applies blood-red lipstick in a reflective surface. As the camera swoops around to reveal the whole room (and its black-and-red themed decor), we realize that Chanel is putting on her makeup with the help of a large, shiny butcher knife.

It's a typically pithy reveal from the creator of Glee and American Horror Story, and it's a relief to see that — so far, at least — Scream Queens seems to have its tongue firmly planted in cheek. But since we still have to wait at least five agonizing months until the show's fall 2015 premiere, of course I'm going to overanalyze every last tidbit of info I possibly can. I mean, surely these teasers weren't assembled arbitrarily, right? They must mean something.

Here are four things this latest promo could be trying to tell us about Chanel:

She's The Killer

Who carries around giant butcher knives other than sadistic serial killers, amiright? Perhaps this teaser is trying to tell us that, while Chanel may seem perfect on the outside, she's really a cold-blooded murderer. This would certainly parallel Roberts' first foray into the horror genre, when it was revealed at the end of Scream 4 that — spoiler alert for a four-year-old movie! — her character, Jill, was the one behind the latest killing spree in Woodsboro.

She's Going To Kill The Killer

Of course, it could be the exact opposite scenario, I suppose, and this teaser is cluing us into the fact that Chanel is going to be the one to defeat the killer in the end. Just like Scream Queen star Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween movies, maybe Emma Roberts will be the "final girl" of the season.

She'll Be Stabbed To Death

Perhaps Scream Queens is going to pull a George R.R. Martin and kill off its assumed protagonist way earlier than anyone expects, and the knife is merely foreshadowing how Chanel will go out. If the sorority girl is shockingly offed halfway through the season, remember: you heard it here first.

It's Thanksgiving

Then again, maybe the series takes place during Thanksgiving and Chanel was in the middle of carving up the turkey when she realized she'd forgotten to retouch her makeup before dinner.

Now check out the teaser right here and decide for yourself what you think it means:

Images: Screengrab/FOX; screamtrilogy, attackofthegiantants, butlercat, hobolunchbox/tumblr