14 'Harry Potter' Workout Clothes For Every Muggle

In my oh-so-professional opinion, working out sucks. Occasionally you can cheat at life by doing things like rereading Harry Potter on the elliptical (which is a thing I may or may not have done on this very morning), but if you're looking to get extra boss-level inspired, then consider amping up your wardrobe with all these Harry Potter -inspired workout clothes. Even if the treadmill is perhaps the object with the least amount of magic in the entire Muggle world, you can still pretend you don't want to take a nap on it when you're decked to the nines in your Hogwarts swag.

Think of it this way: you secretly always wanted to be on the Quidditch team when you were a kid. And if you had been, no doubt Oliver Wood would have put you through the paces until you had Quidditch plays bleeding out of your eyeballs and you were too tired to stay upright on your broomstick. You were ready for the throw down then when you were a punk kid, so why not now? Just stick on your HP workout shirt and pretend it's all for the glory of your House, and not because you already sunk a year's worth of money into a gym membership and feel too guilty to ignore it! Here, all the Harry Potter gear to break your bank on right now:

1. "Do You Even Leviosa?"

'Do You Even Leviosa?' Tank Top, $22, Etsy

For all you magical CrossFitters out there.

2. Marauders Water Bottle

Marauders Water Bottle, $14, Etsy

Stay hydrated while you manage your mischief.

3. Forbidden Forest Frolicking

Forbidden Forest Workout Tank Top, $22, Look Human

No friendly centaurs to hitchhike with on this workout.

4. "I Lift (Harry Potter Books) All Day"

I Lift (Harry Potter Books) All Day Racer Back Tank, $22, Look Human

I have actually used Deathly Hallows as a weight for a home workout before and I am not ashamed. (I also once used a bottle of wine, so take that as you will.)

5. Auror Sweater

Training To Become An Auror Tank, $22, Look Human

Can we talk about how cool it would be if Harry Potter were your boss? He never notices ANYTHING, bless his dopey heart. He'd be so chill.

6. Hogwarts House Sweatpants

Harry Potter Unisex Lounge Pants, $30 Think Geek

For winter! (Read: for those days you were only pretending to go to the gym anyway.)

7. House Quidditch Team Shirts

House Quidditch House Shirt, $14, Etsy

You can get whichever House you'd like at the shop (or just get greedy and BUY 'EM ALL).

8. Hogwarts Alumni Hat

Hogwarts Alumni Hat, $14, Etsy

I think I can safely call this the most swag-tastic thing I've ever seen.

9. Accio Equality Tank

Accio Equality! Tank, $22, Look Human

Get your S.P.E.W. on at the gym.

10. Dark Mark Leggings

Dark Mark Leggings, $60, Etsy

... Or get your opposite of S.P.E.W. on at the gym? (Too many rounds on the treadmill could turn anyone into a Death Eater.)

11. Hogwarts Staircases Shirt

Hogwarts Stair Cases Shirt, $28, Look Human

And climb down them to get to the kitchens. #HufflepuffLife.

12. Harry Potter Athletic Socks

Harry Potter Athletic Socks, $12, JC Penney

I am HIGH on the mix 'n match potential.

13. Hogweights Bag

Hogweights Tote Bag, $25, Look Human

How else are you going to cart around all your rad Potter workout gear?

14. "Quidditch Is My Cardio" Shirt

Quidditch Is My Cardio Tank, $22, Look Human

And also the only sport that matters. #Bye, Muggle gyms.

Images: Courtesy Of Brands