'Finding Carter' Star Ben Winchell Teases Why Fans Should Give Carter's New Brother A Chance In Season 2

Do you trust Ben Wallace? If you're a diehard Finding Carter fan, probably not. But, trust issues aside, you definitely swooned a little when he was introduced during the Finding Carter Season 2A finale. (I mean, I did.) When Finding Carter Season 2B premieres on October 6, we'll be seeing a lot more of Ben — even though we still know next to nothing about him. Ben Winchell, who plays Carter's "new brother," tells Bustle whether or not fans should be that wary of Ben in the upcoming episodes that he calls "mysterious and intense" and why we should wait before we decide that we "hate this kid."

"He wasn’t in the first two seasons and now he’s coming in as this prominent character," Winchell says of joining the series as a cliffhanger to the midseason finale, "You slowly start to find out more about him and who is he and I think that was a lot of fun to play on my end." If you don't remember, since it's been a painfully long time since the Season 2A finale back in June, Ben is — allegedly — Lori and David's biological son who was introduced when he testified on her behalf in court. And, yes, Finding Carter fans, the 21-year-old actor is entirely aware of how his relationship to Lori's storyline is making fans question his intentions and the fact that it's made Ben an accidental villain in Season 2B. But he hopes that you'll give him a chance anyway.

"Nobody knows who he is and he keeps a lot of himself hidden just for his own safety. He only trusts himself right now because that’s all he knows how to do," Winchell says about Carter's new brother and his mysterious past and present. "I’m most excited to see the progress of how people feel about Ben from Episode 12 to Episode 24 of this season," the actor says, "Hopefully they don’t hate him — I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. I’m hoping they can understand his intentions." I mean, Crash has kind of started to grow on Finding Carter fans after awhile, right? It's the least we can do to give the new, misunderstood "bad guy" on the block a fair shot.

Images: MTV