Kendall Jenner Wears Metallic Mini Skirt, Giving Us Date Night Outfit Goals — PHOTOS

This model is a constant source of outfit inspo, but especially during fashion month, and at PFW, in particular. Kendall Jenner wore a metallic skirt to the Shiatzy Chen fashion show and gave me all of the night-on-the-town feels. Because there’s nothing like a metallic mini-skirt for when you want to have a good time, am I right? Leave it to Jenner to remind us of that.

Metallic pieces are not only super fun, they’re great for layering with tights, baggy sweaters and more. They’ll add just the right amount of shine to any look, and since they’re easy to layer or where by themselves, you can really make them work for any time of year. Jenner paired her silver mini with a pink top and silver shoes because this girl’s got to incorporate some matching in there. Since she went with a pink top, sometimes her skirt reflected that color and looked more pink than silver, which was a really cool effect. So, if you do it right, these metallic pieces can take on different colors, giving you the opportunity to mix and match for lots of different looks.

See Jenner’s most recent PFW outfit, and check out some metallic pieces that you can shop for the next time you have a fashionable night out on the town.

Silver or pink? It's pretty much amazing either way.

1. Gold Skirt

Metallic Leather Skirt, $125.41, ASOS

Boxy, metallic and with pockets — this is almost a dead-ringer for Jenner's.

2. Metallic Tee

Metallic Heathered Tee, $15.90, Forever 21+

You can easily layer this, as well as dress it up or down.

3. Rose Gold Shorts

Mini Boxer Shorts In Rose Gold, $37.62, ASOS

I feel like these amazing shorts pretty much speak for themselves.

4. Silver Midi-Skirt

Midi-Skirt In Metallic, $37.62, ASOS Curve

This skirt has plenty shine and movement. You really can't say no to it, you know?

5. Metallic Set

Boxy Metallic Top, $19.90; Textured Metallic Culottes, $22.90; Forever 21

You'll really be channeling your inner Jenner if you buy metallic in a matching set.

6. Metallic Jumpsuit

Black & Silver Metallic Thread Jumpsuit, $69, Yours Clothing

If this isn't great for a date night, then I don't know what is.

7. Golden Slip Dress

Goldie Satin Slinky Cami Dress, $64.49, ASOS

This slip dress is great for wearing underneath a chic overcoat and pairing with tall boots, as pictured on the model.

Add some metallic pieces to your wardrobe, stat. And thanks again, Jenner, for always showing us how it's done.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)