'Jurassic World' Group Halloween Costumes Are Going To Dominate The Holiday Like The Movie Did The Box Office

Jurassic World was the biggest movie of the summer by a mile, and currently stands as the third biggest blockbuster of all time. The film was also just released on Digital HD and is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on Oct 20, meaning that it's staying firmly in the zeitgeist just in time for Halloween. And that makes sense because dinosaurs are scary, and Halloween is all about being scared, right? But Halloween is also about dressing up in costumes, and Jurassic World offers no shortage of costume ideas,, especially if you plan on going out with a group and coordinating your look. So, how does one go about creating the perfect Jurassic World group Halloween costume? Well, for starters, you've got to nail down your characters.

Owen and Claire are the obvious choices, since they are the two main characters of the movie. Then you've got the secondary characters of Gray and Zach, the two kids who can't stay out of trouble. You also have to include a dinosaur, and the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex, seems like the obvious choice here. Finally, you're going to want a funny wild card to bring it all together. Here's what you're going to need.


Owen's costume isn't anything too crazy, as he basically wears safari clothing. A long sleeved blue shirt with buttons to keep the sleeves rolled up, a black digital watch worn backwards, dark brown jeans, and a leather vest with a ton of pockets are what you'll need.

(Jurassic World Chris Pratt Black Leather Vest, americanleatherjacket.com, $119)

(Men's Tropicwear Shirt, llbean.com, $54.95)

(Dickies Men's Skinny Fit Stretch-Twill Jean, amazon.com, $28.62)

(Fanmis S-Shock Multi Function Digital LED Quartz Watch, amazon.com, $11.99)


Obviously, the most important part of any Claire costume is those infamous heels, but that's not all you'll need. Wearing a straight red wig and dressing in business-appropriate layers are also key, and including a flare for theatrical effect is a big plus.

(Jersey Tank Top, hm.com, $5.95)

(Cotton Shirt, hm.com, $24.95)

(LE3NO Womens Lightweight Flared Midi Skater Skirt with Stretch, amazon.com, $22.99)

(Jessica Simpson Women's Calie Pump, amazon.com, $39.86 - $85.00)

(Forum Novelties Women's Chic Bob Costume Wig, amazon.com, $14.18)

(LED Foam Stick Baton Supreme, amazon.com, $8.53)


I'll be honest, it doesn't really matter which kid you go as because no one's going to see you. The most memorable thing about these kids was their sweet bubble ride, and I know just the thing to replicate it.

(Bubble Soccer Ball Dia 5' Human Inflatable Bumper Bubble Balls, amazon.com, $178)


Unless you're an extremely gifted craftsperson, you're probably going to want to buy your dinosaur costume outright rather than trying to make one yourself. And if you do buy one, you could definitely do a lot worse than this sweet inflatable number.

(Adult Inflatable Jurassic World Adult T-Rex Costume, halloweencostumes.com, $88.99)

Margarita Guy

And here's your wild card! Jimmy Buffet stole the movie with his cameo as "guy double-fisting margaritas while running from Pterodactyls", and now you can steal the party, too! You'll need some classic vacation attire and of course, two giant margaritas.

(Classic Logo Ripstop Hat, margaritavilleapparel.com, $28.00)

(Short Fin Mens Short Sleeve Linen Shirt, amazon.com, $35.00)

(Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses Metal Frame Colored Lens UV Protection OWL sunglasses, amazon.com, $5.77)

(Giant Caribbean Plastic Margarita Glass, partycity.com, $2.99 each)

And there you have it! Everything you need to recreate Jurassic World this Halloween. Now, does anybody know if there are any parties going on on Isla Nublar?

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