Meet Our 2014 Upstart Awards Winners!

by Anna Parsons

There’s no shortage of creative, cultured, and impressive women on Bustle's pages. And as a young company, we're especially cognizant of women getting their first big break. That’s why we created the Upstart Awards, a program designed to celebrate the 2014 grads who are already making an impact in their respective industries.

With the Upstart Awards, we celebrate women who will be the driving forces of culture over the next 10 years, catching them when they're just getting started. All of the honorees are 2014 graduates of high school, undergraduate, or graduate programs who've received accolades for their accomplishments in beauty and fashion, the arts, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and beyond.

Check out our impressive roster of honorees below! From a documentary filmmaker who aims to expose the racial issues still present in the U.S. to a photographer who spreads the message of body positivity through her artwork, you're sure to be inspired by these 13 ambitious young women, who prove there's no schedule to success.