What Will Kimmy Gibbler Be Like As A Mom?

In the months since its announcement, Fuller House only got more and more exciting. DJ Tanner and Steve reunited on the set (!!!), while the Fuller House cast photos make me want the premiere to happen ASAP. Fans got even more exciting news from the show, as it was announced that Juan Pablo di Pace will play Kimmy Gibbler's ex-husband.

According to Deadline, his part will be a "recurring role," while means that hopefully his character will have more than just an arc or the occasional appearance. Di Pace, who previously appeared on Dallas and starred in A.D. The Bible Continues, will play the "passionate" Fernando. He and Kimmy reportedly have a rebellious teen together, which means that family is going to have a lot of energy.

Kimmy was often the source of comic relief on the show due to her quirky personality and hilarious relationship with the Tanners. Of course, a lot has changed in the years between Full House and the Fuller House spinoff. She's clearly grown up and gotten married, although I'm willing to bet her relationship with DJ is very similar to how it was in the original show.

Now that we can officially put a face to the character of Kimmy's husband, we can start imagining what she's like as a wife and a mother.

1. There's Lots Of Laughter

After all, Kimmy is hilarious and her family is likely to be as well.

2. But Also Lots Of Shenanigans

She definitely brought trouble with her, and her rebellious child sounds the same.

3. Her Discipline Style Could Be Relaxed

It's hard to see Kimmy being the super-strict parent.

4. But She Cares — A Lot

Kimmy really, really protects the ones she loves.

5. She And Fernando Likely Have Banter To End All Banter

If he's passionate, they probably have a lot of chemistry.

6. She's Still Annoying Danny Tanner, Somehow

Kimmy might be a wife and mother, but some things will never change.

7. She's The Cool Mom

Again, it's hard to picture her as anything but. Plus, she has to be a contrast to DJ's more strict side, right?

8. Hopefully She's Learned To Cook

Or maybe she still loves chips.

9. Her Kid Probably Spends A Lot Of Time At DJ's

After all, Kimmy always invited herself over.

10. She And DJ Still Support Each Other

Because this friendship can withstand anything.

11. She's Still The Kimmy We Know, Even Through The Hard Stuff

Going through a divorce is tough, but hopefully she's still kept her sense of humor.

Fuller House is set to debut on Netflix in 2016.

Images: ABC (screenshot); Giphy (13)