9 Tattoos Scorpios Will Love

by Maxine Builder

Autumn is the bringer of all good things, like sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes. But autumn also means that Scorpio season is coming, and as a Scorpio myself, it's hard not to feel a swelling of pride for my astrological sign when the leaves start to turn colors. So what better way to celebrate the most intense of astrological signs than with a Scorpio inspired tattoo? Yes, Scorpios might have some flaws, but we are powerful and passionate — known for our ability to tackle any challenge that's thrown our way.

When you think about it, a tattoo is a pretty perfect way to commemorate this star sign because when Scorpios put their minds to something and set a goal — no matter how lofty or difficult it is to achieve — they buckle down, get it done, and are unwavering in their determination. Scorpios also not afraid of making a lasting, long-term commitment, which a tattoo definitely is.

Making the choice to get a tat shouldn't be taken lightly, but if you are ready to wear your star sign on your sleeve, and let the world know that you're as passionate and powerful as your star sign predicted, here are nine tattoos that Scorpios will love.

1. Realistic Scorpion

A black and gray scorpion tattoo might be the most obvious choice for this star sign, though finding one that's as well-executed and perfectly shaded as this is always a delight.

2. Simple Scorpion

This scorpion tattoo is much smaller and more delicate than the first, and the minimal shading makes the scorpion appear a little less intimidating, albeit still pretty realistic.

3. Traditional-Style Scorpion

If getting a realistic-looking scorpion tattooed on you feels like it might be too intense, why not get a more stylized one like this traditional-style colorful tattoo? Including the astrological sign for Scorpio between the pincers makes it clear that this is a tattoo for a Scorpio, not just a random scorpion.

4. Kawaii Scorpion

Scorpions don't have to be scary, as this kawaii pink and yellow tattoo demonstrates. It's also proof that you can get a scorpion tattoo in whatever style suits you best.

5. Demonic Scorpion

On the other hand, you can also make your scorpion as moody and dark as you'd like, especially since brooding is one of the things Scorpios do best. This black and red color combination is also associated with Scorpios, the most passionate of astrological signs.

6. Tough Scorpion

Toughen up an already strong scorpion with some barbed wire, because you're a Scorpio and you don't mess around.

7. Delicate Symbol

If getting a tattoo of an arthropod isn't your cup of tea, you can get a tat of the astrological sign alone. The arrow is meant to represent a stinger of a scorpion and looks much more delicate than an actual scorpion. (Just make sure you don't accidentally get the sign for Virgo tattooed on you; it looks very similar to the sign for Scorpio, except without the sharp tail.)

8. Scorpio Constellation

Astrology is nothing without the stars, so get a simple constellation tattoo. The constellation for Scorpios is called Scorpius.

9. Scorpio Moon Girl

This tattoo is a wonderful mix of lots of different Scorpio-related imagery, from the scorpion brooch decorating the woman's headscarf to the river flowing through, likely in homage to the fact that Scorpio is a water sign.

Once you know the imagery and symbolism associated with Scorpios, work with your tattoo artist to find a design that represents both the sign and you. If you end up with something that truly represents your own personal relationship to the stars, you will have the best Scorpio tattoo of all.

Images: mmonikau/Instagram