How To Spot A Scorpio

I'm born in November, and apparently, that means I'm fierce. Think Tyra, circa 2007. That's basically me, according to my astrological sign. I'm also supposed to be strong-willed, passionate and mature. Or, maybe being a November-born Scorpio is just serving as a reminder that I was conceived around Valentine's Day. (S/O to all the November birthdays who just rethought everything about their life based on that fact.) As a Scorpio, I'm also supposed to have a fiery personality, and according to one of my favorite Cosmopolitan articles, I'm great in bed. (As if I needed an article to tell what the reviews have been telling me for years, babe.)

OK, I'm kidding. The fact is I'm still waiting for my astrological sign to have some sort of reality check and identify me as, "Scorpio: You enjoy rewatching 30 Rock and are often terrified to approach people, but are really glad when you force yourself to do it anyway. You spend a lot of time telling everyone that it's going to be fine, but panic constantly about everything going wrong. Blessings!" Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with my astrological sign. Being a Scorpio means being strong and determined and damn, that sounds good, doesn't it?

Here are 10 things you will always say yes to if you're a Scorpio:

1. You set goals and meet them

Scorpios are focused, and can provide their own structure. You have a lot of drive, and expect a lot of yourself, at school and at work. This means setting deadlines for yourself and then pushing yourself to make sure you meet them.

2. You want it your own way

Scorpios have been said to be a little bit domineering. You like to do things in a particular way, and can get a little bossy. Being "submissive" isn't like you. You are set in your ways, and when you someone challenges you, you'll defend your ways.

3. You're all about commitment

Commitment doesn't scare you. You're perfectly comfortable calling your relationship exclusive. You are loyal and aren't afraid to say when you think a relationship should be taken to the next level.

4. You're ready to take on anything work can throw at you

Ambition is crucial for Scorpios. You are ready to work hard, and do what it takes to get noticed, get a promotion and be indispensable to your company. You don't shy from new tasks, but rather, you approach them immediately, instead of waiting until the last minute.

5. You occasionally feed the green-eyed monster

Not everyone can be the chill girl who isn't hot and bothered by anything. Scorpios get hot and bothered. You don't care for cheaters, or friends who blatantly exclude you. That upsets you, and you won't hesitate before saying so.

6. You take secrets to the grave

Scorpios can keep a secret. You are loyal and don't mind being secretive. You, as a Scorpio, will give your friends all the support they need, and would never betray their trust.

7. You're the first to rise up to a challenge

You're brave. You can forage ahead of the pack if no one else will step up, and don't ever consider it a big deal. You are used to volunteering when no one else does.

8. There is nothing you do better than revenge

Don't cross a Scorpio. A Scorpio will always want to get even.

9. You can sit by yourself and get sh*t done

Scorpios don't mind being secluded, especially when you need to focus. When you're in an ideal work scenario, you have no problem honing in on your projects and cranking out tons of work. You don't need a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Your face says it all.

10. You will defend your friends to hell and back

Again, loyalty is something Scorpios put a very high premium on. You won't stand for watching a friend be mistreated. You do your best not to gossip behind your friends' backs. You give your friends your absolute best, and expect the same in return.

Images: Pexels; Giphy(5)