11 Obscure 'Harry Potter' Halloween Costumes Only True Fans Will Understand

In my humble, super-fan opinion, there are few things better in this world than Harry Potter Halloween costumes. Let's say, however, that you've worn ensembles inspired by Harry, Hermione, and Ron more than a few times and are exhausted of drawing lightning bolts on your head or curling your hair into oblivion, á la Granger circa 2001. Fear not: There's no need to give up the world of witchcraft and wizardry. By opting to embody a more obscure character from the series, you'll be able to bond with fellow super-fans on All Hallow's Eve and intrigue the rest of the world with your mystery.

For most Millennials, it's likely that Harry Potter will continue to be one of the most important pop culture phenomenons of our lifetimes. The fact that the series also offers up all of the characteristics of a perfect Halloween costume is mere icing on an already taste bud-revolutionizing cake. Fictional characters? Check. Super successful and well-known references? Double check. The ability to turn looks into fun, easy, lazy girl costumes? Triple check.

As most true fans of anything geekdom-related know, the more obscure knowledge you have about something, the better. So, whip out your cauldron and potions and have your wand at the ready. Here are 11 obscure Harry Potter character costumes to wear to the fright-fest this year.

1. Fleur Delacour

Easily my favorite book and film of the whole series, The Goblet Of Fire was truly exciting times. Well, at least until everything went horribly, horribly wrong. The sense of magic I got from the story was partly due to the lust-worthy style of the girls from Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic, including Triwizard Tournament competitor Fleur Delacour.

Adult Cobalt Blue Hooded Cape, $25, Party City

Wrap yourself in a light blue cape and matching hat, and do your makeup all sparkly and glowing. This one is a "one size fits most" piece that actually looks like it could be telling the truth.

Blue Witch Hat, $35, Etsy

2. Moaning Myrtle

If you're a diehard Hermione fan, this one's probably not for you. Otherwise, Moaning Myrtle is a perfect character to imitate for Halloween. Pair your classic gray school uniform with pigtails and your old glasses from middle school. Last step: Don't forget to moan and complain about basically everything.

Wool-Blend Mini Skirt, $23, Forever 21

What's Your Major Scale? Skirt, $60, Modcloth

Shrunken Boyfriend Shirt, $50, Gap

Women's Plus Size Long Sleeve Shirt, $25, Target

Reclaimed Vintage Clear Lens Glasses, $34, Asos

3. Arabella Figg

Arabella Figg, the Dursley's muggle neighbor who always kept an eye out for Harry, is seriously one of the most under-appreciated characters in the series. Honor her by getting dressed in some tweed, stockings, and a hat. If you're really going to the distance, you can also put your hair up and spray paint it gray. Every time someone asks you who you are, just tell them you're the squib from across the street.

Belted Plaid Coat, $43, Forever 21

Mossimo Supply Co. Solif Fedora Hat, $17, Target

Hue Openwork Diamond Pattern Over the Knee Socks, $12, Nordstrom

Color Hairspray Gray, $8, Face Paint

4. Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter, the gossip correspondent for The Daily Prophet, is in-your-face, obnoxious, and annoying. While the attitude is a huge part of the costume, the satin suit with fur trim is even more crucial. You can wear a green blazer and add some embellishments, and don't forget the red lipstick, the narrow glasses, and a reporter's notebook. If you have a quill that will write notes for you, that's sure to help the costume be as on point as possible as well.

Wing Collar Jacket, $50, JC Penny

Ruby Woo Lipstick, $17, MAC Cosmetics

Jasper Chic Squared Skinny Clear Glasses, $10, Bleu Dame

Blonde Short Curly Wig, $20, E-Buy Wigs

French Quill Feather and Ink Set, $17, Barnes and Noble

5. Lavender Brown

Gray school girl uniform? Check. Gryffindor house pin? Check. Yelling at anyone and everyone about your sweetie pie Ron? Check, check, check. That's essentially all you need to be Lavender Brown this Halloween. As sweet as she was, she was majorly obsessive.

Gryffindor Crest Pin, $10, Universal Orlando

Fine and Sandy Blazer in Burgundy Velvet, $80, Modcloth

Country Girl Deluxe Curly Blonde Wig, $30, Walmart

6. Trevor

A Trevor The Toad costume is likely one of the most obscure ensembles to go for. To embody Neville Longbottom's pet, you simply need to dress in green and wear a toad hat, of course.

Velvet Full Frog Hat, $14, Walmart

Solid Knit Leggings in Hunter Green, $4, Forever 21

Relaxed Raglan Sleeve Tee, $13, Old Navy

7. Professor Trelawney

If you have ever thought of yourself as a particularly "divine" or "psychic" person, who better to dress up as than Professor Trelawney? With a bohemian dress, a knitted vest, and a scarf tied around your head, you can nail the divination's professor's look. Don't forget the magnifying glasses. Oh, and carrying around a glass ball while telling everyone you can see their future.

Boho Mixed Print Maxi Dress, $37, Charlotte Russe

Multi-Color Open Weave Vest, $30, Avenue

Writing Residency Scarf, $30, Modcloth

Nerdy Geek Thick Specs, $3, Party Shop GA

Long Curly Costume Wig, $20, Jet

Pin the bangs on this wig to one side, and you'll be good to go.

When you think of the myriad of characters Harry Potter has to offer, who would just want to be The Boy Who Lived anyway?

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Images: Warner Bros., Courtesy Brands