An 'Originals' Season 2 Recap, Because We Could All Use A Little Refresher Before Season 3

Can you believe we have finally (finally!) made it to Fall TV? Forget Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year and I for one cannot wait to pick back up with our favorite dysfunctional family, the Mikaelsons. Just thinking about where we left things last year made me realize just how much plot this show goes through during one season. Basically everything has changed since Season 2 began. Characters have died and comeback from the dead, there's body swapping, betrayals, and marriage. I thought a quick The Originals Season 2 recap would be a good primer before The Originals Season 3 premiere.

Between the vampires, witches, and werewolves there is almost always some sort of war brewing and (to quote Mrs. Foreman from That '70s Show) these kids change partners more than square dancers! Honestly, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder always get all the credit for moving at a breakneck pace, but The Originals (and most CW shows) could keep up with any one of them.

I'm only going to be diving into the big events, so if you want all the details, I highly recommend a good old fashioned Netflix binge-watch. OK, let's jump in — but beware — tons of Season 2 spoilers below.

Resurrections Abound

The Originals is all about family, and this was explored in a huge way this season. Esther returned along with Finn and Kol. Finn inhabited Vincent's body, developing a crush on Camie along the way. Kol returned in a new body (with a darling accent) and quickly developed real feelings for Davina. Esther continued to be the World's Worst Mother and tried to get her children into the bodies of mere humans. It was not successful. Freya ended up killing Esther for giving her over to Dahlia in the first place (we'll get to Freya in a moment).

New Rebekah

Rebekah started out the season free as a bird raising little Hope away from New Orleans. Esther began to track her down, which brings her back to town and (after some Kol trickery) she ended up in the body of Eva St. Claire, a very powerful witch. She bounced bodies for a bit but ultimately decided to stay in the witches body so that she can find a way to resurrect Kol.


Yes dear, charming, handsome Kol died after Finn hexed him in retaliation for betraying him and Esther (crazy messed up). This was after he got very cozy with Davina, so both she and Rebekah vowed to resurrect him. Don't cry too much over Kol, I think we'll be seeing him again soon.

New Sister On The Scene

Down one brother, up one sister! Freya made herself known this season and clashed with Klaus big time. The oldest Mikaelson child Esther gave her to Dahlia as part of a magical bargain they struck over a thousand years ago. Dahlia kept Freya in a form of magical slavery for generations, so she's got some issues. She is also crazy loyal to Finn (the next oldest) and has his spirit trapped in her necklace/talisman for his eventual resurrection.

Haylijiah On Hold

Enough family drama, let's talk smooches. Hayley had to marry Jackson (the man she was betrothed to as a baby) to solidify her standing with the pack and have her own werewolf-army to protect Hope. Before she got married she and Elijah got down and said goodbye, but that's probably not going to last long.

Battle Against Dahlia

In an effort to save Hope from Dahlia, Klaus cursed Hayley to be in her werewolf time every day except the full moon (it makes sense when you hear the full, complicated plan). He pulled out all of the stops resurrecting Esther (there was a lot of that) to destroy Dahlia. However in a moment of real sweetness Dahlia finally forgave her sister for abandoning her all those years ago, and they died (by Klaus' hand of course) holding each other. It was surprisingly nice.

Hope's Got Mad Powers

Oh yes, super-baby Hope (who is part witch, vampire, and werewolf) has crazy powers that are already beginning to manifest. So, look for that in Season 4.

One Big (Un)Happy Family

To recap the recap: Hayley is trapped in wolf form, Elijah is mad at Klaus but staying with him because Hayley asked him to be there for Hope. Rebekah is now a witch, and might not be staying in town long. Dahlia, Esther, and Mikael are for real dead, and Kol and Finn are also dead but both have sisters primed to bring them back.

Oh boy, that was a lot of stuff. Let's do this, Season 3!

Images: Bob Mahoney/CW; giphy (5) willparry, calcbhaas,ohmyklaus/Tumblr