Watch Moms Try To Tell The Difference Between Dog Toys & Sex Toys — VIDEO

My worst nightmare is my mom trying to figure out if something is a sex toy or a dog toy. Hey mom, here's a giant dildo, OR IS IT A CHEW TOY? Figure it out, gal pal! But that's exactly what happens in this video from Distractify, in which a bunch of mothers are given sex toys and dog toys to play with (in a safe for work fashion, please), and are asked to decide which category the toy falls into. Fortunately, none of the moms in the video are my mom, so I am free to enjoy their cute commentary as they try to figure out what in the hell they're holding.

Some of the moms are blindfolded and some have the benefit of sight, but all of them seem pretty confused about the weird rubber toys they're being forced to identify. Which is good, because no one wants to hear their mom say, with authority, "Oh yes, yes, this is a butt plug." I'm shuddering just thinking about it. But still, there's something comical about a mother fiddling around with a sex toy, trying to decide what it is, especially because we all like to think of our own mothers as completely sexless. Which, obviously, they are not. But for the sake of our own sanity we choose to be willfully blind to our horny moms. Anyway, here are some funny moments from the video:

1. When This Mom Knows What People Want

2. When This Mom Says "Cock"

3. When This Mom Is Shy

4. When This Mom Uses A Great Euphemism

5. When This Mom Sees Penises Everywhere

Watch the whole amazing thing play out below:

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