Kris Jenner Says Scott Disick Should Go To Jail, Which Is Pretty Par For The Course For Her Brand Of Tough Love

The matriarch of the most famous family in America has managed to keep her daughters in the spotlight for almost a decade, while simultaneously ensuring her family's bond is as strong as ever. She has a complicated, sometimes utterly absurd life, but Kris Jenner balances it all by being a straight shooter who isn't afraid of speaking her mind and doling out tough love — even if that means her words are going to leave a mark the next day. Jenner recently shocked Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans by suggesting Scott Disick would be better off in prison than a free man because, in her opinion, freedom and his nightclub lifestyle is seriously affecting his health.

Hers is a hard line to take — personally, I'd much rather see Disick check himself into and stay in a quality rehab program — but I can also understand where the 59-year-old mom is coming from: she sees Kourtney and their three children hurt by his behavior, knows his track record with rehabs hasn't been the best, and feels he needs to hit rock bottom before he can rise again and become the man she knows he really is inside. At the end of the day, Jenner's tough love approach is just that: Tough, but with love and caring at the root of it all — at least that's what I like to think is happening here.

And there are a few other times Jenner has delivered similarly tough love, so I think I might have some foundation for that hope that she's coming from a well-meaning place...

Jail Could Be "The Best Thing" For Disick

Kourtney is obviously distraught over the situation with Disick — and not just cheating rumors, but his overall health and well being. When she expressed fear that her former partner would one day wake up and find himself locked up behind bars, Jenner stepped in to remind her and Kim why that might be the best thing they could hope for: "That could be the best thing for him," she said. "That would be the biggest wake-up call of all. To be thrown in jail with no alcohol, no nothing, no pillow." It seems Kim agrees because she added, "No one to bail him out."

The Way She Talks About "Fixing" Caitlyn Jenner

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Jenner doesn't just take credit for her daughters' success stories, she takes credit for Caitlyn Jenner's too. Kris told More magazine that Caitlyn was $500,000 in debt, living in a one-room apartment, and what you might call a work in progress when the couple first met: "[She] was at a place where he had really low self-esteem and thought, Now what do I do with my life? I think I was probably a breath of fresh air. But [she] brought the goods," she said. And then the kicker: "I was the Brownie leader and the soccer coach and room mother and car pool driver. Being a mom gave me great knowledge of how to be a professional multitasker. I see a problem, and I fix it. To me, [Caitlyn] was a problem that needed to be fixed."

Giving Kim The Business About Her Endless Selfies

Back in 2008, Khloé spent three hours in jail as part of her 30-day DUI sentence. But it seemed like Kris was even more disappointed in Kim because she had to remind her to stop taking selfies as they headed to the Lynwood, Calif. jail for women.

Prompting Kim To Do Playboy Before It Was "Too Late"

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Kim was on the fence about posing naked for Playboy — until Jenner reminded her that the clock doesn't stop ticking for anyone. After Kim admitted to Harper's Bazaar in 2010 that she regretted her 2007 cover and photo shoot, she revealed that her mom was an influential force in convincing her to take that step. "I'm sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable," she said. "[My mom said,] 'Go for it. They might never ask you again. Our [reality TV] show isn't on the air yet. No one knows who you are. Do it and you'll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you're my age.'"

Saying That Kim Is Her Favorite Child

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Parents aren't supposed to play favorites, but if they do have a preferred child, they're at the very least supposed to be hush hush about it. Not Jenner. When Barbara Walters asked Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim which child mom loved most, all of them (even Kim) shouted, "Kim!" Jenner replied, "You know I think it seems..." before getting cut off by her daughters yelling, "Just say it!" And then she did (sort of): "OK, yes, she's my favorite. No, she's not."

She's truthful, even when that truth might get her in trouble or make jaws drop — and it's just one of the many reasons Jenner makes for one of the most compelling people to watch on television.

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