Miranda Kerr Wears Pink Pastel Coat & Gold Sunnies For Fall — PHOTO

I think we've all pretty much resigned to ourselves that internationally-acclaimed mega-supermodel Miranda Kerr is basically perfection made corporeal. Whether it was the Victoria's Secret catwalks of yore, or (more recently) the jewelry she's been designing for Swarovski, Kerr has pretty much boiled down the concept of winning at life to a science (disregarding the Justin Bieber rumors, that is). At any rate, it should come as no surprise that she just managed to put together what might just be the best fall style outfit in the history of ever: She paired a glorious Marni duster coat with some Jonathan Simkhai separates, Louboutin pumps, and ultra-on point Miu Miu shades.

Kerr wore the ensemble out and about in Paris, and it was about as glamorously model off-duty as they come. The pink coat and gold statement sunglasses added in some editorial flair to her breezy outfit — yes, the sleek-yet-busy ensemble had a lot going on, but all the pieces worked together to devastating chic, PFW-worthy effect... which makes it the perfect personal style inspiration for your next out-and-about outfit (especially as we head into the fall season). So, with that in mind, here are a few shopping options with which to get the look — for less, of course:

1. Ultimate Slim Coat

Ultimate Slim Coat, $90, Asos

2. Inspire Belted Wrap Coat

New Look Inspire Belted Wrao Coat, $98, Asos

3. White Pepper Trench Coat

White Pepper Trench Coat, $141, Forever 21

4. Coat With 60's Collar

Coat With 60's Collar, $152, Asos

5. Crop Top

Crop Top, $16, Zara

6. Button Front Cami

Button Front Cami, $36, Asos

7. Lace Crop Top

Lace Crop Top, $10, Forever 21

8. Silk Layer Slip Skirt

Silk Layer Slip Skirt by Boutique, $105, Topshop

9. Chiffon Pleated Skirt

Chiffon Pleated Skirt, $22, Asos

10. Invader Sunglasses

Quay Invader Sunglasses, $50, Urban Outfitters

11. Glitter Sunglasses

Jeepers Peepers Glitter Sunglasses, $12, Asos

Will you be taking the look out for a spin? I know I'll have my eyes peeled for pale pink wool coats!

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Images: Courtesy Brands