'AHS: Hotel' Gives "Mother Monster" A New Meaning

One of the (many) strange things in the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere was the roomful of blonde children staring blankly at video game screens. Actually the two blonde children who were sucking the blood of that girl were stranger, but still. Hordes of small, pale, blonde, blood-sucking children are rarely a sign of good things to come. So, how do these kids tie in to the story? We know that Holden Lowe was kidnapped, but where did the rest of the kids come from? It's hard to say, but we know Lady Gaga's character is the vampire kids' mom whether via actual birth or just through stealing many kids over the years.

In August, a show insider revealed ahead of the season that "[Gaga's] character is the hotel owner and the mother of 10 identical vampires who are eight years old." We've only seen a handful of these kids thus far, (Detective Lowe's son, Holden, being one of them), so it's possible the show insider isn't entirely accurate, or that we still have many more kids to meet. But, there's no denying that all these kids do look the same and are around the same age, so I'm going to guess that Gaga's character Countess Elizabeth "raises" them on her diet of blood until they're the right age (I guess eight) and then she probably kills them and drinks their blood like she did the couple she slept with.

That would explain why Holden was kidnapped, he fit the profile in terms of looks, and the Countess probably needed to replace a child she had already, um, dealt with.

It's possible that Elizabeth once did have a real child of her own. I think it's telling that her prefereed look is pale and blonde like herself. Maybe she had a kid who died when they were eight years old, so she pays tribute to her deceased family member by bringing in other children who look like her kid and mothering them until they, too, have to die at eight. Or, maybe she's just a psycho. Either way it gives a whole new meaning to Gaga's Mother Monster persona, doesn't it?

Image: Frank Ockenfels/FX