14 Things You Need For Your 'Harry Potter' Wedding

Odds are when you were first reading the Harry Potter books, you were basically lightyears away from marriage. Well, time flies when you're obsessively checking the post for your Hogwarts letter every July, because guess what? We are getting to an age where we are finally old enough to have the Harry Potter -themed wedding we always dreamed of! Or, you know, would have dreamed of, if we'd thought of it back then. It turns out 2015 is a miraculous time to be a Potterhead in love, because you can get Harry Potter couple tattoos, buy your friends Harry Potter wedding gifts, and even find ways to sneak Harry Potter quotes into your wedding vows. Who says our generation doesn't know how to adult?! We've clearly got it made.

See, the one thing that unites Potterheads is that no matter what our views on the institution of marriage are, we can all agree that a Harry Potter wedding would be bosser than boss. And the best part is, you barely even have to lift a finger! Etsy is basically the Kwickspell of weddings for all you event-planning squibs. Here are all the things you need to make your HP wedding one for the books:

Wedding Invitations

$50, Etsy.

Cake Servers

Guaranteed to improve the taste of literally anything.

$30, Etsy.

Cake Topper

Maybe not the best message to send your guests while holding giant serving knives, but Marauders gonna maraud.

$17.50, Etsy.

Wedding Garland

This is possibly the most Luna Lovegood thing to ever happen.

$8.61, Etsy.

House Garter

Winky faces all around.

$26, Etsy.

Guest Book

"Here are all the nerds we know!"

$49, Etsy.


The only kind of glitter you'll be excited to find hidden in your cleavage three days from now.

$5, Etsy.

Table Numbers

Lest you accidentally sit an Irish Quidditch fan next to a Bulgarian one.

$20, Etsy.

Bridal Bouquet

Plus, this is the kind of bouquet that won't wilt — so it's practically a family heirloom.

$125, Etsy.

Wedding Wine Glasses

It's one thing to get drunk at your own wedding. It's an AMAZING thing to get nerdily drunk at your own wedding.

$11, Etsy.

Flower Comb

For your something old and your something new.

$15, Etsy.

Wedding Lingerie

Just ... do yourself a favor try not to think about Snape during your consummation.

$12, Etsy.

Bridesmaid Dresses

This is replica of the very dress Hermione wore to Bill and Fleur's wedding in Deathly Hallows.

$500, Etsy.

And, of course, to kick off the whole shebang ...

Golden Snitch Engagement Ring

Cuz you're a catch and they're a keeper ;).

$653, Etsy.

Images: Etsy