5 Positions To Help You Join The Mile-High Club

I think the mile high club must come from a time before endless choices of inflight movies— this dark days of one movie on the projected and massive ear phones. Imagine it: everyone watching the same movie, laughing together, crying together. Like animals. No wonder everyone was escaping to do it in the bathroom. But having sex on an airplane has managed to hold onto some of it's mystique. People love the idea and they want to join.

One of my friends recently did it and raved about it. Personally, I can't think of anything less sexy than those creepy toilets that making that scary sucky noise, but with one of my friends recently becoming a member of the club, it did make me a little curious. Partly about why you would want to, but more how do you do it? Have you seen those loos? They are so tiny! But you know what, I'm a try anything once kind of girl and I got to thinking. So I worked I took five of the favorite sex positions and figured out how to make them mile-high friendly. It's not always pretty (I mean, you're doing it in a public restroom), but at least you won't fall over. Hopefully.

Here's the mile-high take on your favorite sex positions, because YOLOYOLOYOLO:

1. The Sofa Brace

How To Make It Mile-High Friendly: OK, I know we're not working with a sofa here. But you do have toilet, with the seat down. Kneel on it facing away from your partner, and in this case you'll be bracing against the back of it or the wall— whatever you can grab! And he'll be standing behind you instead of kneeling, but the bracing and entry is the same.

2. X Marks The Spot

How To Make It Mile-High Friendly: If you can't go full legs crossed in this, don't worry. Basically, if the sink or toilet is long enough to get your back on, lay down with your legs straight up in the air. Then he comes in front of you, standing or kneeling, depending on your heights, and takes your legs against his torso. I know it seems lie a squeeze, but you're in the restroom of a metal box hurtling through space, what more do you want?

3. Sitting

How To Make It Mile-High Friendly: This is the obvious one for in the skies. Have him sit on the toilet and you sit on his lap, facing away, and guide him into you. The benefit to this one is compared to a chair where your feet dangle, you're lower to the ground. This means you can have your feet flat and brace to help with for deep, grinding penetration. Bonus position, turn around face him for a more intimate experience.

4. Sitting (Oral)

How To Make It Mile-High Friendly: Good news, this one is pretty much anywhere friendly! As long as you have a place to sit, the other person can relax by sitting on the floor. Then oral sex, fingering, boob play, ass grabbing— you're set up for pretty much everything in this position.

5. Standing Doggy

How To Make It Mile-High Friendly: You can either face the sink or the door in this one, depending just how tiny the tiny bathroom is. You lean against it and then spread your legs slightly, maybe raising one leg, to help him enter you. Because he can't penetrate too deeply, it makes sure that things don't get so out of hand you don't notice the flight attendant at the door.

Have a safe flight!

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Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle