7 Moves You Should Try In Bed This Week

With the new week what do we have? New days to have sex in even more exciting positions. Your body is meant to bend and twist, and your sex life is meant to enjoy more than one position. You may think there are only a couple ways in which to enjoy your sexy times with your partner, but how wrong you are. Variation is the spice to life, and better sex leads to stronger relationships.

As Bustle has been covering, indulging in positions foreign to you not only allows for better sex, but even deeper intimacy. You’re locked into positions that you may not have considered and before you know it, you’re realizing your clit is being stimulated in ways you didn’t know possible, you’ve discovered that ― OMG ― you really do have a G-spot after all, and all the while you and your partner are high-fiving yourselves for going the extra mile by stepping outside your comfort zone and realizing there’s so much more to the sexual experience.

What's on tap for you this week? The best positions for ultimate female satisfaction, positions for beginners, and positions for men with penises on the smaller size (not that size matters!) So, let’s get to it. Here are seven positions to try this week.

1. X Marks The Spot

How to do it: Just as the name suggests, you’re going to create an X with your legs while laying back on a bed or table. The key to this maneuver is to have your pelvises aligned while your partner penetrates you as your legs are in the air and crossed. Feel free to rest you “X” against his chest as he uses your shins to pull himself deeper inside you.

Why it works: With your legs crossed your creating a tightness in your vagina and with your pelvises at the same height, it allows for deeper penetration.

2. In A Chair

How to do it: Just as its name suggests, you will be having sex in a chair for this one. With him sitting on the chair (please get one that’s strong enough to handle both of you and the action that’s about to happen!), straddle him and lower yourself onto him. As you would if you were doing cowgirl position, you want to thrust against him, move up and down ― you know, whatever floats your boat. But the most important part of this position, for maximum sensation, is to be on a chair where your feet can reach the floor. The floor will give you the perfect amount of leverage you need.

Why it works: Basically, it’s a twist on the cowgirl position and gives you all the power to ride your partner in a way that’s best for you― not that you're being selfish or anything. This one is great for beginners who want to branch out from missionary, but aren’t ready to get totally crazy yet.

3. The Splitter

How to do it: While on your back, your partner penetrates you from a kneeling position while straddling one of your legs (your choice, obvs.) The leg that isn’t straddled should be lifted into the air where it can happily rest on his shoulder.

Why it works: Similar to the "X Marks the Spot" move this way is all about getting really deep, while he’s able to control his thrusts much better because he’s on his knees. It may sound like you need some gymnastic training to pull this one off, but you actually don’t, so give it a try!

4. Spooning

How to do it: Just as you would spoon during cuddling, that’s the position you want to take here, too, but you have to be the little spoon (which really is the best spoon, no?) With both you and your partner on your side, he can penetrate you from behind. You may need to lift your leg a bit and/or wiggle yourself down onto his penis so he can really get in there, but it’s a really relaxing position for both.

Why it works: As with any penetration from behind, your partner is stimulating your G-spot while you get to cuddle right up against each other. Actually, I put this one on the top of my favorites list, especially when it’s morning sex ― talk about an awesome way to start the day.

5. The Bridge

How to do it: For this one, you want to start missionary. Then your partner will get on his knees and pull your hips to toward his pelvis while you arch your back. I’m not talking a deep arch, but a slight arch so your pelvises are at the same height. His knees should be spread wide so you can comfortably rest your butt on the tops of his thighs. Don’t worry; it’s far less complicated than it sounds.

Why it works: Well, for starters, you get to be on your back, which is always nice. But there’s also the fact that from that angle you’re getting a lot of stimulation on your G-spot while your partner can stimulate your clit at the same time. This position is one that’s aimed toward achieving an orgasm for the ladies out there, and with both those parts of your vagina getting attention, you can’t lose.

6. Doggy Style

How to do it: The name alone explains exactly what you need to do for this one, but if you’re like, “I still don’t get it,” then just get on your hands and knees while your partner penetrates you from behind. In this position, either you or your partner can also stimulate your clitoris.

Why it works: I know for some women, the thought of doggy style can feel like it lacks intimacy because there’s no eye contact, but when it comes to G-spot stimulation it’s perfect. The natural tilt of your partner’s penis rubs that area to perfection, which makes up for any lack of intimacy concerns that might be crossing your mind. If you’ve never tried doggy, for whatever reason, it’s a position worth visiting. Also, the more you arch your back, the deeper the penis will go.

7. The Sofa Brace

How to do it: As the name suggests, you need a sofa for this one. With both of you on your knees and your partner behind you, drape your body over the edge of the sofa. It’s fairly similar to doggy, but the fact that your body is draped over something and he’s bent over you is what really makes the difference here.

Why it works: Well, as each of these positions that involve your partner entering from behind prove, you’re achieving a deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. There’s also access to clit stimulation by either your or partner, and obviously, that’s always a winning bonus.

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