Waiting For ‘Narcos' Season 2 To Premiere Puts Every Fan Through These 8 Brutal, Emotional Stages

So, you’ve just embarked on a marathon of Narcos. In only a matter of days, you packed in hours of a dark, twisting drama based on the life of Pablo Escobar. Not only was it heavy subject matter, and for non-Spanish-speaking viewers often had subtitles, but there were only 10 episodes. So now you have to wait for Narcos Season 2 to premiere to get more of the addicting series.

It’s OK to deeply feel the void left by Narcos, because you are not alone. Pretty much everyone with a Netflix account is right there with you. We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for Season 2, which luckily has been confirmed. Still, the wait can be brutal. All of Narcos was released onto Netflix at once, so you probably watched them all in one weekend, leaving you waiting what could be an entire year for more. It feels like Dec. 26 — you’ve opened all of your gifts, now what?

Well, in the case of Narcos, now you have to go through eight stages of grief — yes, eight. Five are just not enough. But don't worry, I'm here to help you get through all of them, one step at a time.

1. Exhaustion

Of course you are tired! You just watched 10 hours of serious, dark TV in one weekend. Look at yourself, you’re a mess.

2. Withdrawal

You are probably having dreams in Spanish, whether or not you speak the language. For some reason, you are thinking a lot — I mean, A LOT — about Boyd Holbrook. This is a guy whose name you didn’t know 72 hours ago, but now you can recite his IMDB page by heart.

3. Falling Down The Internet Rabbit Hole

It all starts so innocently, you remember a random thing that happened on the show and wonder, “Was that based on something real?” Then you Google it. And, sure enough, it was all true. Then you find yourself with seven Wikipedia tabs open about Pablo Escobar, Colombia, cocaine, etc. and deep in a www.reddit.com/r/narcos/ thread. Somehow, it’s already dark outside.

4. Seeking Season 2

If your excessive googling about what the characters looked like in real life and their fates haven’t spoiled next season enough for you yet, you’re probably obsessing over when Netflix will release info about Season 2. At this point, you’d take a teaser trailer. Hell, you’d settle for picture from the set. It doesn’t even need to have Boyd Holbrook in it.

5. Trying To Get Your Fix By Watching Another Show

You ran through Bojack Horseman Season 2 in one sitting, but it just wasn't enough. You are seeking a certain level of intensity and begin to contemplate starting Breaking Bad, again. Proceed at your own risk.

6. Going Cold Turkey

You hardly think about Narcos anymore, really. Maybe just the theme song, sometimes.

7. Falling Off The Wagon

Well, I’ve only seen Narcos once. So, watching it again couldn’t hurt. Right?

8. Acceptance

Season 2 is coming eventually, after all, what better way to prepare than by starting it all over?

Images: Daniel Daza/Netflix; Gizliag/Tumblr