Amazing News, 'Bob's Burgers' Fans

I wish I could reach through the screen and hand you a Gouda News Burger (it comes with Gouda), because good news: Fox has renewed Bob's Burgers for Season 7 and — wait for it — Season 8. Yes, this two season renewal guarantees exactly what you think it means: two more years of Gene making keyboard fart noises, Linda saying "alright!", Bob giving inanimate objects the most adorable personalities, Louise planning global domination, and Tina being the most awesome character in the television universe. Today, FOX is my hero.

Even though Bob's Burgers took time to grow, the network stuck by the show — and now, Bob's Burgers has found a passionate fanbase who, like myself, consider themselves honorary members of the Belcher family.

As far as I am concerned, there is really only one person who can fully express the excitement fans everywhere are feeling and that person is Tina Belcher. Now that Tina has two more years to appreciate butts and put her bra on one boob at a time, she is ready to celebrate as only Tina can: with a Tina Belcher GIF party. Get ready to shake those milkshakes, Bob's Burgers, fans! It's time to celebrate, Tina-style.

Begin With A Toast

Raise your glasses high to FOX for promising at least two more seasons of Belcher family goodness to come. They're your new dad now.

Indulge In Fantasies About The Butts To Come

Counting the upcoming Season 6, there are roughly 61 episodes worth of sweet, sweet butt watching guaranteed.

Congratulate Yourself

You know your awesome self helped make this happen. Give yourself a pat on the back, because you deserve it.

Impromptu Dance Party Time

It's time to tag Jimmy Jr. in. This party needs some sweet dance moves.

Let The Enthusiasm Flow

Two more years! Two more years! Why aren't you chanting? This is a chanting kind of moment.

Start Plotting Your Next Erotic Friend Fiction

There's going to be so much fresh material now.

Don't Have A Crap Attack

Be cool and don't let worries about the future ruin what is literally the best day of your life.

Throw Some Shade At The Competition

Did they get a two season renewal? No, they did not, and that is because they don't have the charm, confidence, and class of Tina.

Kisses For Everyone

Today, the whole world deserves a kiss. Be the Oprah of kisses. It's what Tina would want.

Don't Act Surprised

Come on, who could cancel an inspiration like Tina? This renewal was always in the bag. Now party like Tina and prepare yourselves for two more seasons of Bob's Burgers to come.

Are you ready for all the Tina-isms in your future? Well, you better get ready because (more) Bob's Burgers is coming.

Image: Fox; Giphy (11)