Are You The Tina Belcher Of Your Squad?

To watch Bob's Burgers is to relate to Tina Belcher. Her confidence in her power as a strong, sensual woman, her unbridled enthusiasm for butts, and her occasional bouts of awkwardness make it so easy to love her, and just as easy to imagine you are her. Who hasn't flown too close to the sun by suggesting a polyamorous relationship with two hot dancers? Most people, probably, but you've all at least thought about it, right? Tina is just brave enough to say it out loud. Sadly, not everyone can be the Tina Belcher of their friend group. Someone has to be the Gene, the Louise, and — gasp! — even the Millie.

If you are the Tina, though, this list will give you eternal bragging rights among your friends, or in your erotic friend fiction — reader's choice. If you are truly the Tina of your squad, remember not to take your role lightly or make your other friends feels inferior. That is not the Thunder Girl way. Tina lives her life by a code, after all, and if you are truly a Tina, then you already know this. Ready to find out if you and Tina are one in the same? Read on and try not to have a crap attack if it turns out you are not as Tina-tastic as you thought. Tina will still think you're fabulous either way.

1. You Own Your Sexuality

Do you ever express your appreciation for someone's butt openly in public? Have you ever shut down friends who didn't think it was cool to talk about your boob situation during brunch? Then you own your sexuality in the same way Tina does and you refuse for your desires — or questions about why it is itchy down there — to be silenced.

2. You Believe In Following The Rules

A society without rules would dissolve into anarchy, which is why you try your best to keep your friends on the straight and narrow. That doesn't mean you won't go along on their adventures, but you are the mature one who realizes when the ambergris is driving everyone a little bonkers.

3. You Believe In Supporting Other Ladies

Your mom, your sister, your frenemy who stole your ghost boyfriend — you have a healthy appreciation for all the other women in your life.

4. You Are Known For Being Dramatic

While you are the levelheaded one in most situations, you channel your inner drama queen when it comes to matters of the heart. In your defense, it does feel like the world is ending when the cute guy you like doesn't notice you or when your elaborate birthday kissing plan goes awry. Your friends mostly think your dramatics are adorable...or at least that is what they tell you.

5. You Are Not Destined For The Stage...

You know how to commit to your art, but stage fright keeps you from blossoming into a true star of the theater. That doesn't mean you can't channel a tree, elephant, or Sigourney Weaver when necessary, though.

6. But You Are Creative

It is possible your friends have told you you're better on paper, and that's not an insult. It's actually a commendation of your killer creative writing skills.

7. You Are Committed To Your Family

While some people see family as an obligation, you see yours as a blessing. You love to hang with your parents and your siblings. You willingly accept the responsibility of babysitting and work for free without complaining as long as it makes the parentals happy. All of your friends' parents love how involved you are with your family, and they have probably told their kids to be more like you.

8. You Are Deeply Devoted To Your Interests

Hey, when you love something, you really love it. Like go-to-a-convention-devoted-to-cartoon-ponies level of love.

9. Your Humility Is Legendary

While many of your friends look up to you, you never let being a role model go to your head. You believe you are just like everyone else, and any acts of selflessness, bravery, or general awesomeness are nothing special.

10. You Have Confidence To Spare

All of your friends admire your confidence. You know exactly who you are and you own it. Sure, you have some offbeat interests and sometimes you are overly literal, but these things make you who you are. It's cool to know you are awesome and not be afraid to admit it.

11. You Were Into Zombies Before Zombies Were Cool

You and zombies go way, way back.

If at least half of the things on this list apply to you, then congratulations, you are definitely the Tina Belcher of your squad. Now, can I be your best friend?

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