How To Dress As 'GoT's Arya Stark For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so any real adult has known what they're going as and had it planned out for months. Except if you're a procrastinator like me and haven't put any thought into it yet (agh!), in which case here is an idea for a simple Arya Stark costume that will still look really cool and impress all your friends. Which, as we all know, is the entire point of Halloween. The great thing about going as Arya is that she's not only the best Game of Thrones character — don't argue with me, it's not worth it — but she's also pretty easy to dress as. It's one of the very few benefits of being on the road for your entire childhood: you wear pretty much the same thing all the time, and it ain't too fancy. Sorry again about your dead mom and brothers though. That part is for sure crappy.

But what I'm getting at is that, for most other Game of Thrones characters, you have to go nuts with hair and makeup, or find some elaborate floor-length gown with a bodice and everything, and, with Arya, those constraints aren't there. So, not only do you not have to go to a ton of trouble to dig something up, but you're going to be comfy cozy on All Hallow's Eve itself. And what could be better than that? Here's how to put together your very own Arya costume in less time than it takes our feisty heroine to get herself in yet another impossible pickle. (It's kind of her specialty.)

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The Undershirt

Arya has a layering thing going on, which is awesome for chilly October nights, because you can adjust for the weather. Her first layer is a very simple tunic. If you can find it, some kind of collared linen undershirt would be ideal, but, barring that, I feel pretty confident that you can find an off-white — I'm thinking ivory would be best, but do your thing — turtleneck, and that will work great. Maybe this white turtleneck from Amazon? It's on sale.

Long Sleeve Rib Turtleneck Sweater, $13-18, Amazon

Or give yourself a blast from the past with a white peasant top like this one from Amazon. Remember those?

Lucky Brand Lace Front Peasant Top, $20-60, Amazon

To give it that authentic filthy look, soak it in coffee, or wear it to the gym every time you go between now and Oct. 31, and then roll around in the dirt a whole bunch. It's really up to you. Make sure you get the turtleneck itself a little darker, as that's how it is on Arya as well.

The Overshirt

Arya has what I'm going to term a "waistcoat thingy" on over her tunic, which I'm thinking is actually pretty simple to replicate. First, find yourself a cable knit top in dark green or brown, like this olive green sweater from Amazon.

Green Sweater , $20, Amazon

Or, if you have a budget that's higher than mine, maybe this little beauty, also from Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Marled Crewneck Sweater, $58, Jet

Then, cut off the arms, and then "sew" them back on by weaving a leather thong of some sort through the knit on each piece and leaving some space in between. And, if you don't have random strips of old-timey leather lying around, try leather shoelaces! These ones are 36 inches, so you'll get plenty of wear out of them.

Leather Boot and Shoe Laces, $7, Amazon

You can even make do with yarn in a pinch; what you're trying to mimic is that stitched-together feel, so the more you use this technique through the costume, the better. Once you're satisfied, all you need is a wide leather belt to cinch it around your waist. This one from Overstock is plain enough to look authentic.

You're getting there.

The Pants

Hey, don't overthink this part. Honestly, just jeans in a drab, muted color, ideally olive, but khaki is fine too. This pair from Amazon is cute enough that you could wear them again in your real life.

Hyper Stretch Pants, $18-26, Amazon

Roll them a couple times at the ankle, or cut them if ya nasty. (And have a budget that includes ruining a pair of pants forever.) Or go with this pair from Amazon that already comes in capri form:

Stretch Denim Capri Jeans, $11-24, Amazon

Probably that second pair is better for warmer weather though — just something to keep in mind.

The Shoes

These are the toughest things to make realistic to what Maisie Williams actually wears on the show, so do your best. Whatever you have that's closest to a plain leather foot sheath (???), or even just a lace-up combat boot type deal. I feel like that's what Arya would wear if she lived in 2015, so it's on the right track. Here's an example from Amazon of a simple suede clog:

Women's Autumn Clog, $22-30, Amazon

And here's the more modern lace-up from Amazon that I feel like Arya would for sure approve of. Not least because it gives you ankle support for any unexpected adventures you might encounter along the way.

Lace Up Combat Boots, $21-40, Amazon

Looking good!

The Face

Dirty it up. Make Maisie Williams proud. They have makeup you can use for this that looks very realistic, like Plains Dust from Ben Nye:

Ben Nye Plains Dust, $8, Makeup Medley

Or you can use Swiss Miss, or some other cocoa powder that you get wet, and then streak on your face.

The Hair

This is your excuse not to wash your hair for a week or so beforehand. Or, if it's too clean, grease it up with an oil-based product like "Dirt" by Jonathan, which is designed to make your hair look like it hasn't been cleaned in a while.

Dirt Texturizing Paste, $22, Amazon

The dirtier and tanglier, the better! Channel Arry if you have to.

The Sword

Get one. Name it "Needle." Tuck it in your belt. Don't stab anybody. It may be blasphemy to mix franchises like this, but this Aragorn sword from Lord of the Rings looks just about right to me.

Aragorn Sword, $12, Amazon

Or feel free to hold out for this more authentic $190 version of Arya's blade Needle. It's really up to you and how authentic you're looking to feel. And how much money you have to spend.

Sword of Arya Stark, $190, Valyrian Steel

And bing bang boom, there you have it, you're Arya Stark for Halloween. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to elude capture all evening and avoid sticking anyone with the pointy end of your sword. Should be easy enough to manage. Happy Halloween!

Image: Amazon (10; HBO (2); Oriental Trading; Make Up Medley; Zulily; H&M; Charlotte Russe; Levi's; Overstock; American Eagle Outfitters; Valyrian Steel, Jet