5 Things Only BFFs Who Are Soulmates Will Understand — VIDEO

Are you and your bestie completely inseparable? By BuzzFeed Video's definition, you and your best friend are practically married, and they have one minute and 58 seconds of evidence to back up their claim. If you have a best friend that is also your bae, wifey, roommate, and person you're down to openly fart in front of, then watching this video is about to be like watching a play-by-play of your life. You never judge a best friend, and they never make you feel like you can't tell them anything — even that you haven't showered in days. They are the person that puts on your favorite song when you yell "PLAY THAT ONE I LIKE," even though no one else has any idea what you're talking about.

Not only do the two of you have a pact to marry each other if neither of you finds someone else, but you're also low-key looking forward to it (and by low-key, I mean that it's inevitable). You've already taken them home for Thanksgiving, and your family loves them. In all honesty, no one else is going to live up to your parents' expectations in the way your BFF does, so why not just lean into it?

Here are five signs you and your best friend are practically married:

1. You Schedule Everything Together — And Of Course Spend Quality Time With Each Other's Family

You're friends with their cousins on Facebook, and you have their parents' phone numbers... and you frequently text their mom.

2. You Plan Dinner Together (Every Night)

You split all of your groceries, pack lunch at the same time, go on date nights, and cook at home together.

3. You Can't Hang Up Without Saying, "Love You!"

"No, I love YOU more."

4. People Constantly Tell You Guys That You're An Adorable Couple

And like, why argue? It's true.

5. So, Obviously You've Already Decided You're Going To Be Buried Next To Each Other

Because your love will be internal in this life and the next. (Too morbid? Nah.)

Watch The Full Video:

And hug your bestie tonight. Also, like, per the video's suggestion, you two should probably get pizza for dinner.

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