Which Britney Spears Will You Be This Halloween?

Britney Spears in arguably one of pop music's greatest icons. Spears' dance moves, music videos and albums are all contributors to the greatness known as "Britney." It's no surprise then that dressing as the singer is a popular Halloween costume. With a career that spans almost two decades, that means there's a lot of ways one can channel Spears. Here's your guide to finding the perfect Britney Spears costume.

Perhaps the most recognizable of all of Spears' looks is her school girl outfit from the "... Baby One More Time" video. With her pigtails and bare midriff, Spears was the epitome of provocative and the song subsequently skyrocketed her to stardom. Of course, there's also her latex jumpsuit from the "Oops! I Did It Again" video, her all-denim dress from the 2001 American Music Awards, and any number of her incredible stage costumes.

With so many options from which to choose, I broke down a few key looks and the easiest ways for you get them. If there's one thing which we can always count on from Spears, it's that she'll stand out. On that note, here are five unique Britney Spears costumes to help make your Halloween amazing.

1. "... Baby One More Time" School Girl

It's pretty easy to replicate Spears' iconic look from her debut music video. Start off with a white shirt, like this Stylus Long-Sleeve Slim Fit Oxford Button Front Shirt from JC Penney.

Of course, you also need a black skirt to complete the uniform look. This Circle Skirt from H&M is the perfect way to tie it all together.

Lastly, top off the ensemble with a gray cardigan. Throw on this Classic V-neck Cardigan Sweater from J.Crew, braid your hair, and you'll be good to go!

2. "Oops! I Did It Again" Vixen

Spears is famous for her shiny red jumpsuit. You can modernize this look (because doesn't that look really uncomfortable?) with this flattering red ASOS Jumpsuit with Wrap Front and Cut Out Back and Self Tie.

3. Britney On Tour

Brush up on your dancing skills if you're going for this look! Early-era Spears loved to work her midriff on stage, so you can get that same look with this Free People Seamless High-Neck Crop Top from Macy's.

Of course, you need matching track pants to fully embrace Spears' late-'90s style. I recommend these RACHEL Rachel Roy Seamed Track Pants from Macy's.

No Spears performance is complete without a headset microphone. Channel your inner pop princess with this Nady HM-5U Unidirectional Condenser Headset Microphone from B&H.

4. "Slave 4 U" Snake Performer

One of Spears' most memorable performances is when she sang "Slave 4 U" with an actual snake. Start off this look with a green shirt, like this VLabel London Sweetheart Crop Top from ASOS.

Spears rocked embellished short-shorts for this performance. You can replicate the look with these 1981 High-Rise Embellished Denim Shorts from GUESS.

Of course, you can't forget the snake! In lieu of a live python, I recommend this Albino Burmese Python 50 Inch Snake Stuffed Animal by Aurora from Stuffed Safari.

5. "Lucky" Actress

Spears had dual roles in her "Lucky" video. You can imitate her glam movie star look with a comfy pink robe, like this Jockey Modern Cotton Wrap Robe from Kohl's.

Obviously, you need to add some sparkle! Instead of precious diamonds, you can rock this Faux Gem Bib Necklace from Forever 21.

Which Britney Spears will you be this Halloween?

Images: Giphy (5); JC Penney; H&M; J.Crew; ASOS; Macy's; B&H; GUESS; Kohl's; Forever 21